1 March 2019

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Thursday 7th ·      World Book Day – children can dress as their favourite book character or come in their pyjamas.  All children can bring their favourite book to school to enjoy with others.

·      Sponsored readathon event – a letter and sponsor form will come home today, event to take place during this week

·      3.20-6.00pm Parent Consultation meetings. Crèche available for Downs View children only.

Friday 8th 9.05am Turtle class assembly
Tuesday 12th 3.20-6.30pm Parent Consultation meetings- crèche available for Downs View children only
Friday 15th 9.05am Penguin class assembly
Friday 22nd 9.05am Starfish class assembly
25th -28th March ·      Book week/ Book Fair all week

·      A range of activities are planned to encourage children to enjoy reading

Monday 25th March

9am and 2.15pm

Reception Mothers’ day activity – Mums/ another carer (1 per child) are invited to come to make something with your child in the hall. See below for more details
Wednesday 27thMarch 9am and 2.15pm Year 2  Mothers’ day activity– Mums/ another carer (1 per child) are invited to come to make something with your child in the hall. See below for more details
Thursday 28th March 9am

Friday 29th March


Year 1 Mothers’ day activity – Mums/ another carer (1 per child) are invited to come to make something with your child in the hall. See below for more details
Friday 29th 9am Birthday assembly- parents with children who have a birthday in March are invited to attend
Friday 5th April End of term 4


Final Training day 28th June 2019
Every Monday (term time only) Parent and Baby/Toddler group – Puppies room 1.15pm-2.45pm


Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school this week Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year
96.14% 40 Starfish



  Reading award Star of the week Active Award Star Table  

Feet on Friday


Penguin Sophia G James C  

Charlie C





Polar Bear Cody Jessica  








Snow Leopard Jack Lois  










Dolphin Poppy Julia  









 Starfish Harley Autumn  









Turtle Reda Isaac  

Annabel D






Fox Venya William  









Squirrel Sammi Rowan  







Emily H-W





Owl Isla Archie  

Jack Wellard








Bonus Coin Winner of the Week – Turtle & Snow Leopard
Punctuality Pup – Snow Leopard


What we have been learning………




In EYFS this week we have launched this terms topic of Minibeasts by reading the story Beetle in the Bathroom. It made us think which creatures may be lurking in our own bathrooms and what they would be getting up too i.e. I saw a beetle in the bath washing his hair! We then wrote our own imaginative sentences to describe what funny things we saw mini beasts doing in our bathroom. In Maths we have continued our learning about estimation. We have become more confident in making sensible estimations and have been using the language more and less to explain how close our estimation was. We even tried to work out how many more / how many less we needed to make our estimate accurate. Some of us have already really embraced the new topic and been mini beast hunting in the outdoor area. When we were unsure as to what mini beast we had found we used a safe search engine ( https://www.alarms.org/kidrex/)​ on the computers to find out what it could be and facts about them i.e. Did you know that a worm does not have a heart but 10 organs that act in a similar way to a heart?


Year 1

What a roaring start to Term 4 we have had! We began the week by stepping into the film “The Lion King” imagining we were the animals making our way across the Savannah. We explored the ways the animals move as well as looked and used these ideas to write descriptions. We were amazed that many of the children could explain what an adjective and verb was and why they had chosen particular ones. We continued thinking about animals in Art where we have begun to look at the work of Henri Rousseau. We are looking forward to recreating one of his paintings of a wild animal in a jungle soon. In Maths we have been working with numbers up to 50. We have used our knowledge of tens and ones to break the numbers down using various manipulatives such as; Numicon, Dienes and arrow cards. We have been really impressed with how well the children have settled back into class after their week off and have enjoyed sharing the lovely animal creations they have made for our creative learning walls.


Year 2


Wow what an exciting first week back we have had in year 2! We were so excited to learn our new topic ‘It’s a Kind of Magic’! We were inspired by the story of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’ and explored various magical objects that would be needed as a first year going to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. We generated ambitious descriptive language to use whilst writing a list and explanation of the objects. In Maths we have continued to explore fractions and have found 1/4 and 1/3 of shapes and quantities.

Can we please ask that all children have an outdoor and indoor PE kit as we will be doing our athletics outside as much as possible this term.  Thank you 

Mid-year Report and Parent Consultation Evenings

You should have received your child’s mid-year report yesterday. We hope that you are pleased with the progress which your child has made since September.

As you should also be aware parent consultation evenings are next Thursday 7thMarch and Tuesday 12thMarch. Please remember to return the slip with your requested day and time slot by Monday 4thMarch. This will give you an opportunity to look at your child’s books and discuss the comments made on your child’s report.

Some of our Governors will be around to talk to. They will be available to support you with sharing your views of the school and Parent view.  We hope you will take a few minutes to take part.

We are offering a Crèche for anyone who finds making arrangements for childcare difficult; this is available for children at Downs View Infant school only.



A huge welcome to Mrs Claudine Masson a new teacher who is working in Starfish class on a Thursday and Friday.  She is an experienced teacher who comes with a lot of expertise.


Drop-off arrangements – 8.20 Club

In line with safeguarding; there is an intercom system on the playground gate. If you are arriving for 8.20 club can you please gain access by using the video intercom system which is located on the 1st playground gate, the 2nd playground gate will continue to be open from 8.30 for parents and children to come into school.


Mothers’ day activities

This year rather than have an assembly, Mums/Carers are invited to come into school and take part in making something with their child.  Any child whose parent cannot make it will take part in the activity in class with an adult.  All children will bring home their gift to their Mum/carer. There will be a chance for all Mums/ carers to have a little relaxing time during the afternoon as well!


A little plea..

If you have any of the following items that you no longer need we would be grateful of any donations to the school, these can be left at the school office:

Toy cars, Top Trump playing card, Lego, Action/Superhero figures, Barbies, Mega blox and any single duvet covers (bright, colourful or with trees, flowers or plain green).


School Class Photographs

Proofs of your child’s class group photograph were sent home before half-term. The deadline for ordering these through the school office has now passed; however you can still order on-line at www.sbsdigital.co.uk.

In line with our policy on taking photographs and filming, we would like to remind you that parents are not permitted to take or use photographs or make a video recording for anything other than their own personal use and would therefore request that these class photographs are not posted on-line for any reason.

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