12 May 2017

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15th & 16th School Nurses testing Hearing & Vision for Reception classes
Thursday 18th Last session of Gymnastics, parents of these children in hall from 3.30pm
Friday 19th Seahorse assembly
Thursday 25th Book Look after school

New Reception parents (for September) meeting from 6pm

Friday 26th Birthday assembly

Non Uniform Day – for a donation of a children’s toy/jigsaw/game/book for the summer fayre

Last day of term

Monday 5th Children return to school
Friday 9th Starfish assembly

Non-uniform day for donation of a male gift for Friends Father’s Day gift sale

Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th Father’s Day gift sale – £2

Year R – Monday, Year 1 – Tuesday, Year 2 – Wednesday


Friday 16th Turtle assembly
Friday 23rd Caterpillar assembly
Tuesday 27th Sports Day from 9.30am weather permitting or 2nd choice 13th July
Friday 30th Birthday assembly
Friday 7th Fox assembly
Thursday 20th Birthday assembly

Last day of term

Friday 21st Inset Day – no children in school
Future dates
4th & 5th Sept Inset days – no children in school
Wednesday 6th September Year 1 and 2 children return to school
Thursday 20th October Last day of term 1
Friday 21st October Training day – school closed for children


Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school

this week

Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year









Parent Mail

All parents should have received a registration message from parentmail.  If you have not received a message please contact Helen in the office as it may mean we do not have the correct email/phone numbers for you.


  Reading award Active award Sunshine award Feet on Friday Star table
 Penguin Micah Elicia & Hannah Eve Ella
Polar Bear Ellie-May Katie & Josh Alfie Oscar
Snow Leopard Cara Amber & Isaac Cara Dash
Sea Horse Samuel Kylan & James Alfie Liberty Joshua
Star Fish Gracie-May Sienna & James T Charley Alexander
Turtle Riley Harry P & Felicity Poppy Evie
Fox Oliver P Sophie & Andy Harry Ellie
Caterpillar Jessica Charlie C & Sammy Jack Evie E-D
Owl Sara Lois & Manni Harrison Amber
Bonus card winners this week –   Turtles


Morning Club from September 2017


8.20 Club – replacing the 8.30 Club from September

From September we will be changing our 8.30 club to 8.20 club meaning there will be extra child care and time for your child to play.  The new cost for this will be £20 per term which is still very reasonable.  If you would like a place or would like your child to continue attending in September please confirm via email to Helen in the office on office@downs-view.kent.sch.uk. Thank you


Breakfast Club – new opening time 7.45am – 8.40am from September

From September Breakfast Club will run from 7.45am – 8.40am. The cost per day will be £3.20 which again is very reasonable, considering the choice of food the children have in the morning and the quality play opportunities the children have before school.  If you would like a place or would like your child to continue attending in September please email Helen on the address above. Thank you



What we’ve been up to……

This week in EYFS we have been on a journey to a lighthouse with Mr and Mrs Grinling. They helped us to think about the role of a lighthouse keeper and how important it was. Mrs Grinling in the story was rather fond of a picnic lunch so in Literacy we wrote what we would put in a basket for him if we were making his lunch! In the story there were some rather pesky seagulls who kept stealing Mr Grinling’s picnic so in Maths we calculated how much he would have left after the pesky seagulls had swooped down and taken some! We have also been very creative making our own lighthouses from paper cups and kitchen roll tubes!


In Year 1 the children have been learning about Dover Castle. They started the week thinking about questions they would like to find out about Dover Castle. On Wednesday we had a fantastic trip to Dover Castle. We explored the Keep, looking at the bedrooms and the Great Hall. The children loved looking at the medieval kitchens where they were able to touch and feel all of the objects. We explored the medieval tunnels and the children saw and role-played with the cannons. In Maths this week the children worked at finding tens and ones in any number to 100. They were able to compare numbers working out which numbers were more and which numbers were less.

Year 2 loved writing their own portal stories in English on Monday, we wrote them in the first person as if we were the main character in the story. We thought of our own object that could turn into a magical portal and take us to a fantasy setting. We had children disappearing down toilets when they were flushed, stepping through the learning walls in the classroom and being sucked up into the class laptop! Year2 were very imaginative! In Maths this week we have been solving equations with missing numbers. To help us solve these we have been using the part-part whole model to represent what we can see in the equation and using dienes to help us solve the missing part. In R.E this term we are looking at stories from the bible and we read and looked at the meaning of the Prodigal Son this week. In ICT we received another email from Mrs Kent with further evidence to help us solve the mystery of the disappearing cake! We have gathered all of our evidence together and are drafting out an email to send back to Mrs Kent.


Science Week

The children had a fab Science week and enjoyed learning lots of new things within their topic.  I know their amazing learning impressed many of you who visited our exhibition last Friday.


Year 1- Cycling- Term 5

Following our initial Cycle Circle workshop 30 Year 1 children were chosen to take part in another workshop to enhance their skills further. Focussing on balance, coordination and control on a bike. We had so much fun!

Did you know there is a community project which offer affordable refurbished children’s bikes.  You can pick up bikes which have been fully serviced, are clean and available in a variety of sizes.  You can also donate a bike and if you need a replacement you can get a discount on a more suitable refurbished bike.

For more information to www.CycleCirlce.co.uk or email info@CycleCircle.co.uk


Can you help….

Do you have any small unwanted baby clothes which we can use in our Reception classes to dress some of our dolls.  If you are willing to donate them please bring them to the school office.

Head Lice

We have several cases of head lice in Starfish and Penguin classes. It is important that you check your child’s hair regularly to help prevent them spreading to other children.   If you find head lice, your local chemist or family doctor can advise on treatment and which lotion to use. If your child has head lice you will also need to examine the heads of all other members of the household.  If head lice are found they should also be treated at the same time. Once treated in the eventing the children are fine to be in school the next day.

Kent Leader of Education

We are pleased to announce that Mrs Kent has been accredited as a Kent Leader of Education.  This means that in this role she will be asked to support other head teachers in schools across Kent when necessary.  This is a great opportunity for our school to share our expertise and will also strengthen Mrs Kent’s experience and leadership.