14 December 2018


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Monday 17th Birthday assembly/Christmas service  – St Mary’s Church

·      9.15am – 9.40 am – Reception Year

·      9.45am – 10.10am – Year 1

·      10.15am – 10.40am – Year 2

All parents/carers are welcome

Wednesday 19th Staff training day- Children not in school
Children return to school on Thursday 3rd January
Friday 25th Birthday assembly
Friday 15th End of term 3 – half term begins
Monday 25th Staff training day – Children not in school




Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school this week Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year
95.17% 63.5 Starfish


  Reading award Star of the week Active Award Star Table  

Feet on Friday


Penguin Evie F Lesley  

Jack B






Polar Bear Sonja Morgan  







Snow Leopard Tristan Amber  








Dolphin Adam Ashton  








Star Fish Prasoon Harley B  




Charlie H




Turtle Annie Lewis  






Fox Isabella Joselyn  


Harry S






Squirrel Oliver Carmen  

Emily H-W







Owl Max Ruby  




Jack Wellard





Bonus Coin Winner of the Week – Owl
Punctuality Pup – Fox

What we have been learning …..


This week in EYFS we have had great fun being creative and using our literacy and fine motor skills, we can’t tell you too much but watch out for a special something coming home soon!  In Maths we have had some very mischievous elves taking control of the gifts within our classrooms. They decided to take one away each time from a different starting number and asked us to calculate how many were left. We recorded our findings using the tens frame and representation in our own way on a white board. We have also been thinking about the gift of giving at Christmas. We decided to write a letter and donate gifts for hospitalised children at this time of year so that they too have something to enjoy.

Lastly we hope you enjoyed watching the children’s very first Christmas show as much as we enjoyed performing for you.

Year 1

What a festive last full week we have had in year 1. We have been so excited to share with you our Christmas Nativity performance and spent some time during the beginning of the week getting this perfect for you. We really hope you all got the opportunity to come along and see it. In class we have been enjoying making some Christmas crafts, we look forward to sharing with you something special ready for your Christmas trees. In R.E we looked at different celebrations and special times. The children enjoyed talking about all the special days that they have with their families; such as birthday celebrations, holidays and family get togethers. We then read and role played the Christian Nativity story and then we had a go at retelling it through writing during English. In Maths we have continued to practise grouping numbers into tens and ones. We have also been matching up the written numerals with digits.

Year 2

Wow! How amazing were the year 2s in their last Christmas production at Downs View!!?? After a lot of hard work from the children they showed how amazing they are! This week we have written letters to Santa, explaining what we would like for Christmas and why we deserve it. We’ve watched the Polar Express film and compared the differences in between the written story and the film. We loved wearing our pyjamas and drinking hot chocolate watching the film! In Maths we have recapped our knowledge from the term having practised addition, subtraction and multiplication linked to Christmas problems. We have practised our typing skills using a keyboard. On our ‘Let’s Explore’ day we have discussed money and where it comes from. We discussed saving money.

We hope that everyone has a lovely Christmas break!

Year 2 parents

As we are an Infant School, once your child finishes in year 2 they will move on to Kennington Academy or another school.  There is an admission process which parents need to go through to secure a place for year 3 which involves completing an application form on line and submitting this by January.  You can apply from 5thNovember until 15thJanuary 2019. .  Please see below for the last date of our joint tours – you need to call Kennington to book a place.

Date Time Tour begins at:
Friday 4th January 1.30pm Kennington Academy


Adverse weather arrangements

At this time of year we like to take the opportunity to remind you of the procedures we put in place should we have any adverse winter weather.

If it has been snowing heavily we will do everything we can to make sure the school is open however we have to take in to account the number of staff able to get to school and the safety of children and adults on the school site. Mrs Kent will liaise with Mrs Seal/Mrs Wratten at Kennington Academy and make a joint decision as early as possible in the morning.

If we have heavy snow we request that all children bring in a packed lunch as we may not be able to provide a school dinner.

We may also have to delay the opening of Breakfast Club until 8.15am to enable us to make sure we have enough staff and the school site is safe.

If any of these measures are put in place we will keep parents informed by putting up to date information on:

Website: www.downs-view.kent.sch.uk

Kent Closure site: www.kentclosures.co.uk

BBC Radio Kent


We will also contact parents via email.

PLEASE NOTE: As long as we have enough staff and the site is safe the school will be open.

Cold weather clothing

 Please ensure your child is wrapped up with appropriate clothing for the cold weather. The children do still go outside at lunch time and play time and although are kept active do need to be wrapped up.

If anyone has any spare hats, gloves, socks etc. We would be very grateful to have them in school to use as spares.

Christmas Fayre

Thank you to everyone who supported this event. Thank you to the Friends for organising this event and for all parents/ grandparents for their generosity.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it which is the main thing, with the added bonus of raising over £1000.  Please see the website for photographs of the event. Please see below the Friends’ newsletter which details the latest from the Friends.

Christmas tree donation

We would like to thank The Petri-Jones for family for donating our Christmas tree. Each class has helped to design baubles to decorate this and it looks amazing. A quote from Tomas in Starfish ’ Wow! It’s so big it nearly reaches the stars!

We are very grateful.


As you may recall at the beginning of the year we changed our attendance policy following a consultation with parents and Governors last year, bringing alterations to our reward system.  It was decided  that all children with 97+% attendance will be rewarded at the end of term 2, 4 and 6.  On the last day of term these children will be given a treat by watching a dvd in the hall with popcorn and a drink.  There are over 155 children who have achieved this and we are pleased that they are the lucky ones who have been in good health since September. We hope that there will be even more at the end of term 4.  Every day counts, every day matters.



Mrs Kent and all staff have been so proud of every child this term, embracing new exciting challenges and trying their best! The performances this week really highlighted how hard they work and demonstrated how much they have grown in confidence and independence.

May we take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We hope you enjoy special family time together and look forward to seeing you on Thursday 3rd January.



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