15 December 2017

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A very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday 19th Children’s Christmas Dinner – Children can wear their own clothes or anything Christmassy as it will be a dress-down day

(no donations necessary- just for fun!)

Wednesday 20th Christmas Church Service at St Mary’s, parents welcome

Year R – 9.15 – 9.40am

Year 1 9.45 – 10.10am

Year 2 10.15 – 10.40am

Friday 19th Literacy Workshop for parents 2pm (more details to follow via Parentmail)
Thursday 25th Literacy Workshop for parents 2pm (more details to follow via Parentmail)
Sunday 21st Rapunzel Pantomime – more details were sent via Parentmail
Monday 22nd Downs View’s got Talent auditions (more details to follow)
Friday 26th Birthday assembly, all parents of children with birthdays in January invited 9.05am


  Reading award Active award Star of the week Feet on Friday Star table
 Penguin Lacey Maryssa


Catalina Poppy Maryssa
Polar Bear Ayiri Maddie


Sophie Lydia Julia
Snow Leopard Lily Rayna


Sienna Gracie-May Gracie-May
Dolphin Jadon Tristan


Sara Isabelle Izzy
Star Fish Luke Riley


Zoe Benjamin Cleo
Turtle Cody Arthur


Henry Jimmy Elizabeth
 Fox Finlay Charlie H


Sophie Shane Kacey-Marie
Squirrel Ashton Jaden


Jack Ashton Adam
Owl Julia Isla


Juliet Lewis Max
Bonus Coin of the week winners- Polar Bear


Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school

this week

Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year





Owl 100%

Very Well done!




Christmas Tree Recycling

If you have a real Christmas tree this year please consider bringing it along to the school after Christmas as we can use and recycle every part in our Forest School area.  We can use the branches for den building.  The children can practise their skills cutting, chopping and sawing up the rest of the tree.  This helps with hand-eye coordination, strength and motor skills.  For more information email Seb on info@outofourtree.org or call 03303 211252.

Adverse weather arrangements

At this time of year we like to take the opportunity to remind you of the procedures we put in place should we have any adverse winter weather.

If it has been snowing heavily we will do everything we can to make sure the school is open however we have to take in to account the number of staff able to get to school and the safety of children and adults on the school site. Mrs Kent will liaise with Mrs Wratten at Kennington Academy and make a joint decision as early as possible in the morning.

If we have heavy snow we request that all children bring in a packed lunch as we may not be able to provide a school dinner.

We may also have to delay the opening of Breakfast Club until 8.15am to enable us to make sure we have enough staff and the school site is safe.

If any of these measures are put in place we will keep parents informed by putting up to date information on:

Website: www.downs-view.kent.sch.uk

Kent Closure site: www.kentclosures.co.uk

BBC Radio Kent


We will also contact parents via email.


PLEASE NOTE: As long as we have enough staff and the site is safe the school will be open.


Cold weather clothing

Please please please ensure your child is wrapped up with appropriate clothing for the cold weather. The children do still go outside at lunch time and play time and although are kept active do need to be wrapped up.

If anyone has any spare hats, gloves, socks etc. We would be very grateful to have them in school to use as spares.

What we’ve been up to……

This week in EYFS we have been busy creating in our own imaginative way some special Christmas gifts with independent writing ready to bring home (sorry no more information you will have to wait till the big day)! We have been using repeating pattern too during Maths this week and managed to create patterns using either two or three different colours. See if you can spot pattern around your home especially on all that wrapping paper that is lurking about! We have also had lots of fun in performing our first ever show. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their performance and we are sure that you agree that it was amazing! Thanks to all who came, we hope you enjoyed it as much as us!

In English we have been reading and learning the Christmas story, retelling and ordering it correctly. In Maths we have been practising our number work and completed mini challenges with our friends.

We’ve created our own Christmas cards using ICT as well as finishing our Faberge eggs and other exciting Christmas activities!


Year 2 Wow! We were all so amazing in our Christmas concerts we are very proud of our hard work. We are also very proud of the rest of the school for their hard work and thoroughly enjoyed watching their Christmas concerts! We have read the story ‘The Night Before Christmas’. We rehearsed it using the rhyming couplets to help us remember it. We wrote a character description about Father Christmas using the story. In Maths we have learnt about multiplication as arrays and have a good understanding that multiplication can be done in any order and the total will be the same. We have started some of our Christmas crafts and are really looking forward to Christmas.



Mrs Kent and all staff have been so proud of every child this term, embracing new exciting challenges and trying their best! The performances this week really highlighted how hard they work and demonstrated how much they have grown in confidence and independence.


May we take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We hope you enjoy special family time together and look forward to seeing you on Thursday 4th January.