16 November 2018

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Dates for your diary
Year R and Year 3 – Application process is now open (more information below)
Monday 19th

2.15pm Maths workshop for parents – Year 1 and 2 – followed by ‘book look’in class until 3.30pm. (sorry no younger siblings). You should have received a parent mail to book a place.

Tuesday 20th

2.15pm Maths workshop for parents – Reception – followed by ‘book look’ inclass until 3.30pm. (sorry no younger siblings). You should have received a parent mail to book a place.

Wednesday 21st

Sponsored walk – please help support this fundraising event for the school. Please send in sponsor forms to be signed by today.

Friday 23rd

9.05 am Birthday assembly – all parents of children with birthdays in Nov are invited.
2.15pm Maths workshop for parents – Reception, Year 1 and 2 – followed by ‘book look’ in class until 3.30pm. (sorry no younger siblings). You should have received a parent mail to book a place.

Friday 30th ·      Birthday assembly, all parents of children with birthdays in November invited 9.05am

·      Non uniform day for Christmas Fayre

Friday 1st ·      Polar Bear class assembly, 9.05am

·      Friends Christmas Fayre

Friday 8th Turtle class assembly, 9.05am
Tuesday 12th Year 2 Christmas productions 9.15am and 2.00pm
Wednesday 13th Year R Christmas productions 9.15am and 2.15pm
Thursday 14th Year 1 Christmas productions 9.15am and 2.00pm
Friday 15th Birthday assembly, all parents of children with birthdays in December are invited 9.05am


Sunday 21st Repunzel Pantomime – please email /call office if you are interested



Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school

this week

Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year
95% 65.5 

Polar Bears




From the Friends of Downs View 

Just a reminder Tickets for pamper / shopping night will be on sale every day in the playground.

For more details please contact Friendsofdownsview@gmail.com or on  call 07710264993.


  Reading award Active award Star of the week Feet on Friday Star table
 Penguin Erin Evie E-d & James M Jack Charlie S Charlie S
Polar Bear Christine Oliver P & Bethany Sonja Henry Ileana
Snow Leopard Phelan Harrison & Alexia Grayson Kieran Zacary
Dolphin Lily-Grace Ollie & Aaliyah Jaden Chelsea Isla
Star Fish Wilhelmina Ewan & Leila Harley Wilhelmina Bradley
Turtle Oliver Tyler & Juliet Reda Stanley Julia
Fox Annabel Ayan & Harriet Harry Harrison Harry F
Squirrel Darcy Rowan & Lilly Remi-Valentine Sammi Skyla
Owl Willow Harrison & Indya Kevin Leopold Jessica H
Bonus Coin of the week winners-  Squirrels and Owls

Punctuality Pup – Dolphin


What we’ve been up to………

This week in EYFS we have been exploring the story Aliens Love Underpants. In Literacy we decided to create our own imaginative aliens from plasticine, pipe cleaners, straws and goggly eyes. Each one was very unique. We then used amazing adjectives to describe what our aliens looked like. We even tried to write

the initial sounds for the adjectives we had used. In Maths we have been creating our own repeating patterns by using coloured pasta, paint and pegging pants on washing lines. Can you look for patterns within the environment too when out and about at the weekend? We also really enjoyed learning the story David and Goliath which led us to think about when we have been brave. The EYFS teachers reminded them how brave they all were when starting school!

A little plea!

The shed in our outdoor areas is past its best and we are looking for a replacement. If anybody has any good contacts who may be willing to donate one or if you are upgrading your old shed then please let us know.

Year 1

This week we have explored a lovely story called “How to catch a star” as part of our Wish upon a star topic. We enjoyed using role play to retell the story before plotting it on a story table. We then became authors, rewriting the story in our own words. The children have used some lovely story language and adjectives to enhance their writing. We have been very impressed with them. In maths we have continued to explore addition, focusing on the two numbers that go together to make ten as well as how we can compare two addition equations using our previous knowledge of greater than and less than. We have continued enjoying our Disney theme through music and dance this week. The children particularly enjoyed the Peter Pan dance where they pretended to soar through the skies of London. We have finished the week with an exciting art day. This started by talking about Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting before having a go at recreating it ourselves.


This this week in Year 2 we have read the story of ‘Bob- the man on the moon’.We loved the idea of Bob working on the moon to keep it tidy and show the tourists around who have come to visit. We used drama to explore this and discussed what attractions would be on the moon. Sadly, Bob was going to lose his job due to a decline in tourist numbers so we wrote persuasive posters to get more work for him. They were amazing! Luckily, Bob has enough work for a few more months now! In Maths we have compared amounts of money by calculating the difference between two amounts, working out by how much more. We have also calculated change using subtraction and counting on. In Music we have begun composing our own space themed music linked to pitch, inspired by Holst- The Planets. We look forward to seeing some of you next week at our Maths workshops and book looks!

Farewell to Sam our FLO

Sam our FLO has recently resigned and will leave us on Friday 17th December. This will be a huge loss to Downs View where she has been dedicated to working with and supporting many families across the school. Her hard work and commitment to the school will be greatly missed but we are sure you will join us in thanking Sam and wishing her all the best in her new role.

We are currently advertising the FLO role on Kent Teach and we hope to have somebody new in post in the new year.

Year 2 parents

As we are an Infant School, once your child finishes in year 2 they will move on to Kennington Academy or another school. There is an admission process which parents need to go through to secure a place for year 3 which involves completing an application form on line and submitting this by January. You can apply from 5th November until 15th January 2019. We will holding joint prospective parent school tours which begin on Thursday 18th October. Please see below for other dates- you need to call the school office of either school to book a place.



Tour begins at:

Wednesday 21st November


Kennington Academy

Monday 26th November


Downs View

Friday 4th January


Kennington Academy

Safety on the playground and around the school site

Please can we remind you not to let your children use bikes or scooters on the playground before and after school as this is dangerous and there have been a few near accidents recently.

If you see any dangerous driving outside of the school please can we request that you report registration plate numbers to the police, thank you for your continued vigilance.

Sports Premium 2018/19

The primary PE and sport premium was introduced in March 2013 to improve the provision of physical education and school sport in primary schools across England.The PE and sport premium must be spent by schools on ‘making additional andsustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport’ for the benefit of allpupils to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles. This means that

the funding should be used to develop or add to the PE and sport activities that schools already offer and/or make improvements now that will benefit pupils joining the school in future years.

This year the majority of our money will be spent on enhancing outside areas of the school to maximise their use for physical activity and sports. This will include a multi-use games area for the Year 2 outdoor area that can be used for sports such as football in all weathers and improvements to the EYFS outside area surfacing, which can be used for bikes and scooters and active games. For a full breakdown of how our sports premium money is being spent please look on the website.

Critical Care Sensory Garden Project

The critical care unit at the William Harvey Hospital are fundraising for a Sensory Garden. The aim of the garden is to provide a solace for patients and their relatives; with patients sometimes spending up to months in the unit, this provides an opportunity for easy access to fresh air and some time outside.

They have entered the Aviva Community Fund project and need your votes. Details for this are on the flyer attached, the more votes they get the better. Thank you for your support.