17 May 2019

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Monday 20th May Parent and child workshop – The contented child – strategies to support families with dealing with anxiety. Please contact the office if you would like to attend.
Week beg 20th May Audition for Downs View’s got Talent Mon-Wed. A parent mail has been sent with further information and details are also below.
Wednesday 22nd May Meeting for year 1 parents- 2.15pm and 5pm- Phonics screening and preparing for changes in year 2 .
Thursday 23rd May New Reception parent evening 6-8pm
Friday 24th May 9.05 am – Birthday assembly
May Half Term 27th May-31st May
Monday 3rd June Downs View’s got talent show – One child from each class will be elected to present to the school. Parents welcome by invitation only
Week beg. 10th June Transition activities begin for year 2 moving on to year 3- further information will follow.
Week beg 17th June Transition activities begin for Reception and year 1 moving on

to year 1 and 2

Tuesday 18th June 9.15am Sports Day (weather permitting) on school field- parents/families welcome

3.30pm Friends Annual General Meeting – all welcome

Thursday 20th June 9.15am Sports Day  OPTION 2 if Tuesday is cancelled (weather permitting) on school field
Tuesday 25th June CATs choir year 2 event at John Wallis all day.  4pm performance for parents
Final Training day 28th June 2019
Every Monday (term time only) Parent and Baby/Toddler group – Puppies room 1.15pm-2.45pm



Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school this week Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year
96.2% 50 Penguin 95.37%



  Reading award Star of the week Active Award Star Table  

Feet on Friday


Penguin Evie E-D Inaaya  

Charlie S





Polar Bear Noah S Amelia R  






Oliver B

Snow Leopard Daisy H Kieran  








Dolphin Maddison Rubie-Rae  








 Starfish Gracey John  




Turtle Lewis Evie  







Fox Kyra Harriet  









Squirrel Eliza  




Emily H-W





Owl Harrison Chloey  







Bonus Coin Winner of the Week Dolphin

Punctuality Pup – Owl

What we have been learning………



This week in EYFS we have been looking at the different seasons. We have talked about the changes that they will see in the environment and how we have to change to adapt to these seasons i.e. the clothing we have to wear. In literacy we thought about our favourite season and wrote why we liked it. We even added adjectives and conjunctions to our sentence.  To make them more exciting to read i.e. I like the hot summer because I can go to the sandy beach and build sand castles! In Maths we have been continuing to record our number calculations using the part- part-whole. However instead of combining numbers we have been subtracting. Please can you make sure you use the vocabulary subtract, minus and take away at home as we use all of these in the classroom! In P.E we have been consolidating our ball skills and are becoming more proficient at getting a ball into a target.


Year 1


This week in Year 1 we have really enjoyed becoming TV chefs! We started the week learning how to use an iPad to record films, we then worked out who would direct, record and star in the film before making a real life film of us making smoothies on Tuesday. Thank you so much to all the parents who supported our smoothie sale after school where we sold our delicious end results. We are looking forward to getting some new equipment for Year 1 with the £36 which we raised. In English we have started reading ‘The tiger who came to tea’ we learnt part of the story to recite, then practised acting out the story after watching a video clip of the real stage show in action. We are now preparing to write our own versions of the story next week by generating good vocabulary. In Maths this week we have been learning how to divide by sharing.  Ask your child your child to show you how to share different amounts of objects equally at home; i.e. if you have 24 Lego bricks shared equally into 6 bowls how many bricks would be in each?


Year 2


This week has been very busy in year 2 with all our challenges! The children should be proud of their hard work. Within DT we have explored the materials needed to make moving puppets. We have designed, created and evaluate our beast puppets. On our computing day we have explored emails in order to solve the mystery of a missing cake. We have sent emails to Mrs Kent with clues we found. We learnt about how to be safe online whilst using emails.


Downs View’s Got Talent


If your child has a special talent and would like to share it with their class; they can audition from Monday 20 May until Wednesday 22 May. This could be playing an instrument, performing a poem, reading an extract of a book, dancing, singing, performing magic or any other talent they might have! Please make sure they bring to school everything they need to perform including: costumes, accessories, instruments, books etc. One child will be chosen to perform again in a final to the whole school on Monday 3rd June. We are very excited and looking forward to seeing your child’s talent.


Year 1 Phonics Screening and Changes to Classes for Next Year Meeting – Wednesday 22 May 2019 2.15pm or 5pm.

We would like to invite you to a meeting which will give important information about the national phonics screening check which all year 1 children will take in June.  We have made the decision to mix classes in year 1 for next year and will discuss the rationale behind this and share the classes for next year.  It is not a decision that we make lightly but we feel by mixing the classes these will be more evenly balanced.  Your child will remain with some key friends and we have carefully planned this process to ensure that all children’s well-being is at the heart of this.  We hope you will be able to make one of the meetings where we will discuss this in more depth.  We will not be able to offer a crèche at the 2pm meeting but will happily put out toys for younger siblings.  We will supply a crèche for the 5pm meeting for year 1 childrenas it will not be appropriate for them to be in the hall. Toys will be put out in the hall for younger siblings if required.


Welcome to our new Business Manager

As you are aware Claire Pitts resigned as Business Manager and will spend her last day at Downs View on Friday 24thMay. I am sure you will join me in thanking her for her hard work and dedication to Downs View.  We would like to welcome our new Business Manager Emma Letchford who has come from another local school and brings with her a wealth of experience.  She has been in school today and will be in next Friday for induction but will officially start on Monday 3rdJune.


Goodbye and good luck to Miss Masson in Starfish

We would like to say goodbye and good luck to Miss Masson who has been working as Starfish class teacher as a job share with Mrs Hunt.  She will be leaving to have her baby next Friday 24thMay.  We wish her well.


Eco Warriors

This week in Eco Club we were excited to welcome one of the school’s governors, Jen to join us. We thought of more exciting ideas which we would like to change around the school to make it more eco- friendly. During Meerkat time the children learnt about World Water Day (22nd March). This gave us the opportunity to share information about how lucky we are at school to have access to clean water straight from taps. As Eco Warriors we are going to write to our local garden centres to ask for donations, such as water-buts, watering cans for each year group’s outdoor area to save water around the school. Don’t forget to use the new red food waste bin in the playground and check our board for our weekly updates!


Cycling Workshops

Reception and some of year 1 have been working with the Cycle Circle team learning to ride a bike. They learnt how to balance and pedal safely avoiding different obstacles on the playground. They all had lots of fun!

 With the weather warming up

 Please remember to provide your child with a sun hat, to put sun cream on your child before school and to ensure they have a water bottle in school every day.