18 November 2016

School Christmas lunch – Don’t forget if you child does not normally have a school dinner on a Monday and would like to join in with the Christmas lunch then please contact the school office before Friday 9th Dec
Week beg 21st Nov Maths workshops – pop in times during the week for parents to learn alongside your children – separate letters sent, see below
Tuesday 22nd Book Look – Owls class only, other classes on Thursday
Thursday 24th Book Look – come in after school to see what your child has been learning
Friday 25th Birthday assembly – parent/carers of children with Birthdays in November are invited
Wednesday 30th Flu nasal immunisation for Year 1 & 2 (see below)
Friday 2nd Penguin assembly
Friday 9th Christmas Fayre in hall 3.15pm – 5pm
Monday 5th Winter themed week
Friday 9th Starfish assembly
Monday 12th Winter exhibition in hall – parents invited
Tuesday 13th Year R Christmas production 9.15am and 2.15pm
Wednesday 14th Year 2 Christmas production 9.15am and 2pm
Thursday 15th Year 1 Christmas production 9.15am and 2.15pm
Friday 16th Birthday assembly – parent/carers of children with Birthdays in December are invited
Monday 19th Christmas Lunch day
Wednesday 21st Last day of school
Tuesday 3rd Inset day – no children in school
Wednesday 4th Children return to school


Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year
94.89% 69.5 Seahorse 98.62% 97.26%


Sickness bug

We have had a sickness bug going around school during the end of last week and throughout this week. Due to this a number of staff and children have been absent. We are taking extra precautions in school, reminding children to wash their hands and we have stocked up with anti-bacterial hand gel. If your child has any vomiting or diarrhoea we ask that they are kept off school for 24 hours after the last episode.


  Reading award Active award Sunshine award Feet on Friday Star table
 Penguin Toby Chloe & Ellis Archie Tia
 Polar Bear Katie Ellie C & Josh Rebecca Till
 Snow Leopard Oscar Frank & Samuel Sarah Hari
 Sea Horse Millie Eva & Daniel Henry Bledion
 Star Fish Mia Ceres & Alex Lexi Rosie
 Turtle Yasemin Noah & Annabelle Felicity Alex
Fox Henry Ethan & Sophie Charley Charley
Caterpillar Etty Teddy & Luke James Bella
 Owl Amber Isabelle & Frankie Nita Frazer
Bonus card winners this week – Snow Leopards  

 We have to say farewell to some of our staff this term

Mrs Hodge, Fox class, has decided not to return to work after the birth of her next child and will be leaving us at the end of this term. We have appointed an experienced Early Years Teacher, Mrs Jane King. Mrs Sutton, Teaching Assistant in Owls and 8.30 Club leader will be leaving us at the beginning of December. Mrs Parks, who is a Play Leader, Mother & Toddler Leader and our EYFS Outdoor Play Enhancer will also be leaving us at the end of this term. We are currently advertising internally hoping we can fill these positions. These staff members have brought so much to our school and will be greatly missed but I’m sure you will join us in wishing them all the best for the future.

Mrs Norman will start her maternity leave this week but we hope to see her back next year.

Christmas card competition

We are holding a competition for children to design a Christmas card which we can use in school to send to local associates and friends of the school. Designs should be on A4 size paper and handed in by Friday 25th November. There will be 3 winners, one from each year group. We look forward to seeing all the lovely Christmas designs. 

Children’s Christmas Performances

The children’s Christmas performances are on the following dates. Ticket request letters will be sent out next week.

Tuesday 13th Year R Christmas production 9.15am and 2.15pm
Wednesday 14th Year 2 Christmas production 9.15am and 2pm
Thursday 15th Year 1 Christmas production 9.15am and 2.15pm


Maths workshops

As you should be aware next week there will be the opportunity for you to visit your child’s class to observe how Maths lessons are taught and learn alongside your child. (letter in book bags this week). Year 2 will hold their workshops on Monday 21st November and Tuesday 22nd November.

Reception and Year 1 will hold their workshops on Wednesday 23rd November and Thursday 24th November. The sessions will begin at 9.05am and finish by 10am at the latest.

We hope this will be useful and help you continue to support your child’s learning in this area of the curriculum at home. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate younger siblings on this occasion because of limited space in classrooms and also the distraction this may cause whilst the children are learning. Please complete the slip on the bottom of the letter sent out this week even if you are unable to attend.

Reception Maths Workshop Letter

Year 1 Maths Workshop Letter

Year 2 Maths Workshop Letter

What we’ve been up to……..

This week in EYFS we have been learning the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In literacy we have been showing Goldilocks how she should behave if she visited our school. We even had our own tea party with real tea and crackers to model how to use our manners! In Maths we thought carefully about the sequence of events in Goldilock’s day and tried hard to sequence this using ordinal numbers. We were also lucky enough to follow instructions to make real porridge! We have had lots of fun this week and look forward to seeing you next week at the maths workshops!

Owl class Book Look will be on Tuesday 22nd and Caterpillar and Fox class will be on Thursday 24th.
The children in Year1 have been learning how to write a letter in English this week. They have received with great excitement a letter from Mrs Fossil and written a letter to her asking her to answer questions they have about dinosaurs. In Maths the children have been learning about positions including ordinal numbers e.g. 1st, 2nd ,3rd and left and right. The children have learnt some rhymes to help them remember their left and right which they may like to share with you at home.


This week in Year 2 we have been continuing to learn about India and compared the similarities and differences between a local village there and Kennington thinking about geographical features. In Science we have explored the life cycle of a butterfly and acted this out using drama with our friends, thinking about the key stages. In Maths we have been exploring data and interpreting tally charts and pictograms as well as bar graphs. Our trip to the temple was most enjoyable and interesting. We learnt a lot from the discussions with the Pundit and were able to ask lots of questions.

To finish the week off we have set up an Indian exhibition finale which was an excellent opportunity to share our learning with all of you. The children have also experienced an Indian workshop which explored all areas of Indian culture and customs.

Well done year 2 another amazing, hard working week!
Flu Vaccination

As you are aware some of the children in year 1 and 2 did not have their flu vaccination due to an administrative error. We have now had the following response from the trust:-

Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust Immunisation team recently visited your school to deliver nasal flu vaccinations to children in Yr. 1 and 2

Following information from you school that a number of parents contacted the school office to state that their children were not vaccinated despite completing online consent forms. On further investigation we have identified that we do have consent forms for a number of children that, due to an administrative error were not included in the session.

I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused and would like to arrange for my team to come out and vaccinate those children.

I would like to offer a date of 30th November in the afternoon, for the children that I have forms for. Immunisation Clinical Manager, Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust   A letter from the school nursing team will be given to the children involved.

Parking/Traffic working party update

Following another meeting yesterday, we have some ways forward to prevent congestion around the school at the beginning and end of the day.

*The Hockey Club at the bottom of Ball Lane has offered use of their carpark which can hold up to 100 cars. Both schools will be offering this to staff and to you as parents. Through just leaving home a few minutes earlier, you could start your day/ finish your day with a lovely walk/ ramble to/from school! More formalised details will follow when we have confirmed if it will be used. The Pavillion at the Ridge has also offered this facility. We have some funding awarded from Phil Sims our local councillor to pay for high visibilty jackets for children of any families who would like to do this and also to pay for more cones to ensure that cars are parked safely so that emergency vehicles can get through. If you are interested please let the office know by telephone/email or popping in!

* Another idea which we are persuing is the prospect of having 2 crosssing patrol people to support children/ families crossing two busy roads. If you are interested in this position or know somebody who would be willing to work for a short time before and after school, please contact either us or Kennington Academy. From information which you have given the school in your admission /data collection form, we are aware that 134 families use a car as a regular mode of transport so we need to find ways forward with the parking issues!

Asbestos in Schools

It has come to our attention that Downs View has been named in an article written by Kent Live about concerns about having asbestos in schools.  We would just like to reassure you with a statement from K.C.C : –

‘the health and safety of all children in our schools is our top priority and we are confident there is no risk to children arising as a result of the issues raised in this article. The majority of schools in the UK have some degree of asbestos in their buildings and the presence of asbestos in itself does not present a risk to health providing it is not disturbed and is maintained in a safe condition. In most instances where asbestos exists in schools it has been used to insulate parts of buildings that are out of sight and not accessible for example boiler rooms, pipes, chimneys and roofs. Through KCC’s Asbestos Management System (which includes regular surveys of all premises) it is known where asbestos risk is present and its location in all KCC buildings including schools.  The process of managing asbestos in schools is governed through strict controls, checks and training set by KCC in accordance with current HSE legislation and regulations in order to protect all site users including staff, pupils, contractors and visitors. In the event that asbestos is required to be removed (for example during building and refurbishment works) KCC always uses fully qualified and HSE licenced asbestos surveyors and removal specialists and such works are carried out under controlled conditions as per HSE guidelines without risk to building users”.

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