24 February 2017


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Please check book bags on Friday for Book Week letter, quiz sheet and £1 off book token

Photograph money to be returned by 3rd March

Monday 27th Book Week

3-3.45pm – Cosy read in the hall – parent/carers come and snuggle and enjoy a book together.

Book Fair – in hall from 3pm – 4pm Monday – Thursday –all children will receive a voucher for £1 off the cost of a book

Tuesday 28th 2.15pm- Reading workshop in the hall for year 1 parents

Parents Evening 3.15pm – 6pm (Crèche available)

Wednesday 1st 2.15pm – Reading workshop in the hall for Reception parents

3-3.45pm – Cosy read in the hall – parent/carers –come and snuggle and enjoy a book together

Thursday 2nd World Book Day – dress up day as a book character for children and staff

2.15pm- Reading workshop in the hall for year 2 parents

Thinking out of the Box club starts- Polar Bears class – year R-2

Parents Evening 5.30pm – 8pm (Crèche available)

Friday 3rd Starfish Assembly from 9.05am
Friday 10th Turtle Assembly from 9.05am
Friday 17th Penguin Assembly from 9.05am

Snow Leopards Assembly 2.15pm

Tuesday 21st Caterpillars and Parents EYFS walk 9am – 10am
  Owls and Parents EYFS walk 9am – 10am
Thursday 23rd Foxes and Parents EYFS walk 9am – 10am

Reception classes Mother’s Day Assembly 2.15pm – 2.45pm

Friday 24th Polar Bear Assembly from 9.05am

Year 1 Mother’s Day Assembly 2.15pm – 2.45pm

Comic Relief Day

Monday 27th Year 2 Mother’s Day Assembly 2.15pm – 2.45pm
Friday 31st 9.05am Birthday assembly – parents of children with birthdays in March invited

Last day of term

Tuesday 18th Children return to school
For those wishing to book summer holidays, the last day of the school year is Thursday 20th July as the 21st is an Inset Day.


Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school

this week

Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year






Caterpillars & Turtles





  Reading award Active award Sunshine award Feet on Friday Star table
 Penguin Daisy Tom and Tia   Harry Archie
Polar Bear Kassidy Alfie & Ede   Oscar Ede
 Snow Leopard Kai Mischa & Frankie   Cerys Suphera
Sea Horse Liberty Bledion & Eva   Daniel James
Star Fish Charley Bryson & Jessie   Gracie-May Lexie
Turtle Harry P Selena & William   Sarah Jacob
Fox Christine Oliver P & Ileana   Amelia Laceigh
Caterpillar Jack Sofia S & Riley   James Lola
Owl Alexia Charlie F and Amber   Scarlett E Grayson
Bonus card winners this week – Starfish



As you know we love to celebrate good attendance at school.  Every Friday, each child that has been in school all week is entered in to our 100% attendance raffle. This raffle has now been drawn and one child from each year group received a prize. The winners were: Year R Evie F Fox class, Year 1 Julia S, Year 2 James S Polar Bear


We also celebrated with certificates and an attendance pencil for all those children who have 100% attendance so far this year.  We would like to congratulate the following children:


100% attendance since the start of the school year

(Terms 1,2 & 3)

Year R Year 1 Year 2

Jessica B, Jack B, Teddy Crouch, Joshua D, Zoe D, Harry K,


James C, Ayiri M, Carson P, Maddison R, Henry S, Julia S, Daniel Z


Sinead C, Micah F, George G, Thomas G, Lawrence T, Eve M, Yiqing N, Chloe R, Hannah W


Leo B, Christine D, Henry H, James M, Franky P, Amelia R


Russell B, Scarlet M, Lexie G, James T, Charley W

Polar Bear

Lauren A, Oliver E, Ngozi E, Rebecca G, Alfie H, Freya W


Tristan B, Isabelle C, Thomas D, Harry K, Daisy N, Jack P, Phelan W


Jonathan A, Noah C, Felicity C, William D, Catalina K, Poppy M, Riley M, Chethan N, Harry P, Harry S,

Snow Leopard

Jacob D, Lily L, Frank W


Reading workshops/Book week

We hope you received the letter which was sent home yesterday with all details about events next week – sure it will be an exciting week!

The dates and times for our Reading Workshops are listed in the diary dates. Please return the slip on the Book Week letter if you are able to attend.


Storm Doris

Thank you for your support yesterday when we requested that parents pick their children up directly from the classrooms from 2.45pm when the school gates open.  We made this decision so that parents did not have to wait on our playground.  One of our neighbouring properties sustained quite a lot of damage during the morning of the storm. At one point a trampoline was lodged on a roof and panels of conservatory roof had blown onto our school site.  The decision was taken to keep children indoors for the remainder of the day. We tried to give as much information as possible in the text but we are limited to the number of characters we can use. If you did not receive a text please contact the school office to check we have up to date mobile phone numbers.


Coffee Morning

The coffee morning due to take place on Tuesday 28th February has had to be cancelled.  It will run again on Tuesday 7th March.


What we’ve been up to………

Wow what a start to the new term in Year R! You could probably feel the buzz from your homes! Well if you weren’t already aware we are learning about Superheroes this term which already seems to be a big favourite with all the children. In Literacy we learnt about Elliot Jones a midnight superhero who had a whole range of superpowers. It made us start thinking about the items we would need to be a superhero. The most important we felt was a cape. The children then became busy in designing and making their own capes (look out for these in your homes soon!). In Maths Elliot Jones helped us to estimate how many people needed rescuing from the lizard who had trapped them in some skyscrapers. Don’t worry everybody got out safely! Well what a week and that is just the beginning – look out for more adventures coming your way next week!
P.S All superheroes need to keep fit so need a P.E kit that they can wear please!

This week in Year One the children have been learning about our brilliant new topic of The Secret Garden. The children started by looking at different plants and discovering the different features of a plant and in English they labelled parts of the plant correctly. The children then found different plants in the classroom and had thought about whether the plants were healthy or unhealthy. With this knowledge the children created fantastic posters about what is needed to keep a plant healthy and alive. The children also learnt and recited some poems about plants and performed these in front of the whole class, thinking carefully about how they could change their voices and add actions to their recitals to make them more interesting. In Maths the children have learnt to solve questions that involved multiples of 2’s and 5’s. In P.E this week the children have started to learn about cheerleading and created a sequence using different cheerleading positions. Ask your child to demonstrate!!!

In Year Two this week we have started our exciting new topic all about nocturnal animals. On Monday morning we discovered something in our year two outdoor area! A tent had mysteriously appeared and no one knew where it had come from. We investigated further and discovered clues had been left inside the tent. We found out an animal enthusiast, Andy Smith, has been studying the nocturnal animals in our area when we have gone home in the middle of the night. He has set us the challenge of researching information about the animals he has seen. Therefore in English we have become researchers and have gathered information from many different sources about badgers, bats, owls and hedgehogs.

We can’t wait to tell Andy the facts we have learnt!

In maths we have started learning all about fractions of shapes. We have learnt 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1/3. We have been busy mathematicians this week!

In music we are going to be learning about how to become composers, we are putting together a piece of music with the theme being mini beasts.

In science we have learnt about the 7 life processes that make something living.

In PE we are starting to learn all about cheerleading and have learnt new motions that allow us to make different shapes with our bodies.


Pancake Day –Tuesday 28th February

Next Tuesday Caterlink will be cooking pancakes for dessert.  They will be served with a choice of toppings:

Banana and Chocolate sauce

Lemon and Syrup

Fruit Compote

John Lawson’s Circus

This circus is coming to Ashford in March.  We have once again arranged to sell tickets on their behalf.  Parents buying tickets through the school will benefit from reduced price tickets and the school will receive a donation of £2 for every ticket sold.

The performances we are selling tickets for are for:

Thursday 9th March 4.30pm and 7.30pm

Friday 10th March 4.30pm and 7.30pm

Saturday 11th March 2pm and 5pm

Sunday 12th March 11.30am and 2.30pm

Each ticket costs £7 from the school so you make a saving on ticket prices too.


We now have the tickets in the office if you would like to purchase any.