26 April 2019

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Tuesday 30th Year 2 SATs meeting for parents – 2.15pm and 5pm- a parent mail will follow for parents to respond to.
Friday 3rd May Spring Fayre –in the school hall after school – CHANGE OF DATE – See below- 17th May
Monday 6th May Bank Holiday (no school)
Week beg 13th May Breakfast Club – family breakfast week- parents are welcome to join their child at breakfast club any time this week
Friday 17th May ·      9.05 am – Owl class assembly

·      Spring Fayre – in the school hall after school

Monday 20th May Parent and child workshop – The contented child – strategies to support families with dealing with anxiety.
Week beg 20th May Auditions for Downs View’s got Talent all week
Friday 24th May 9.05 am – Birthday assembly
May Half Term 27th May-31st May
Monday 3rd June Downs View’s got talent show – One child from each class will elected from each class to present to the school.
Week beg. 10th June Transition week/ activities for year 2 moving on to year 3- further information will follow.
Week beg 17th June Transition week/activities for Reception and year 1 moving on

to year 1 and 2

Tuesday 18th June 9.15am Sports Day (weather permitting) on school field- parents/families welcome

3.30pm Friends Annual General Meeting – all welcome

Thursday 20th June 9.15am Sports Day  OPTION 2 if Tuesday is cancelled (weather permitting) on school field
Tuesday 25th June CATs choir year 2 event at John Wallis all day.  4pm performance for parents
Final Training day 28th June 2019
Every Monday (term time only) Parent and Baby/Toddler group – Puppies room 1.15pm-2.45pm




Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school this week Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year
95.47% 35.5 Starfish

Snow Leopard





  Reading award Star of the week Active Award Star Table  

Feet on Friday


Penguin Thomas Zoe  


Sophia G








Polar Bear Amelia M Oliver P  








Snow Leopard Levi Harrison  


Scarlett E







Dolphin Mickey Aaliyah  









 Starfish Ethan John  





Turtle Amelia LJ  






Fox Gary Annabel  







Squirrel Kareesha Emily H-W  

Emily M








Owl Indya Max  











Bonus Coin Winner of the Week – Snow Leopards
Punctuality Pup – Fox


What we have been learning………



This week in EYFS we have started our new topic ‘Change’. Through Literacy we read the story Winnie the Witch where she continually changes the colour of her cat Wilbur because he keeps ending up camouflaging himself i.e. When Winnie changed him green he went out in the garden and could not be seen in the long tall grass! This made us think about what colour we would turn Wilbur and in which environment he would then be camouflaged! Within our writing we tried hard to remember our punctuation, adjectives and even used the conjunction ‘because’! In Maths we helped Winnie the Witch recognise given numbers, count out a required number from a larger amount and spot some inaccuracies within her representations! In RE we have begun thinking about what a celebration is and different celebrations that we have encountered and how they have been celebrated! In Art we continued on the colour change theme. We have investigated what happens when different colours are mixed together. Quiz your children and see if they can remember!


A little reminder:

If you have not returned your child’s P.E kit please remember to bring it back after the weekend as they need this on a Friday!


Year 1

We have had a great first week back in Year 1. We have been thinking lots about food! We’ve spent the week preparing for our banquet to launch our topic for this term “Be our Guest”. The children have loved preparing the classrooms, writing menus and even scribing a personal invitation to Mrs Kent to ensure she would join us for our banquets. We have also begun to learn about where food comes from and have enjoyed the opportunity to grow our own food (cress) which we hope will be grown and ready for us to eat in a sandwich next week. We will also be completing a diary, documenting how well our plants have grown next week. In Maths we have been learning all about capacity and have explored language such as full and empty, more and less. We then went on to estimating how many units a container would hold. The children loved practically testing this with water; we were very impressed with their understanding of how to make the test fair and how they worked together as a team.


Year 2

What a busy first week year 2 have had! Unfortunately a mischievous leprechaun has been in over the Easter holidays and trashed Snow Leopard’s classroom! We couldn’t believe the mess he had made! So we wrote a wanted poster to find him so he would come and apologise to the class. Then we wrote other character description on another mythical creature of our choice. In Maths we have measured mass, volume and temperature using the standard unit measurements of kg, g, l, ml and degrees celsius. The creative homework looks amazing! Thank you for all of your hard


Easter gifts


We hope the children appreciated the gift which the Easter bunny delivered on the last day of term.  A huge thank you to the Friends for funding these and for organising for the Easter bunny to hop by with them!


New arrivals

You may have seen that we have blue tits nesting in the parent comments box within our beach hut.  We have coned this area off to prevent the birds being disturbed. The children were so excited to see that the birds had found a new home and have been regularly reporting about them.  We also have been given website addresses for the live links to nesting boxes in other schools which the children will have the opportunity to look at.


Spring Fayre

We have changed the date of the Spring Fayre to Friday 17th May 2019 in the school hall from 3.15 to 4.30 pm, instead of the 3rd May. You will shortly see the poster below around the school advertising this.  If you know anyone that would like to have a stall at this Fayre then please contact us as we have a couple of spaces still available. If you can offer to support by setting up or by supporting on a stall please contact the school office or email the Friends: friendsofdownsview@gmail.com.

Lunch menu

Please see below for the new menu for dinners this term.


Farewell to Megan from Caterlink

We were sad to say goodbye to Megan who was the Head cook in the kitchen for Caterlink.  She will be greatly missed by staff and children. Megan often enticed the children to try new foods by making them look appetising for the children. We wish her well in her new role.