26 January 2018

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Thursday 1st Stanley Baker studio in to take class photographs
EYFS Playing to Learn parent workshop  2.15pm in hall
Friday 2nd Dolphin class assembly

2.15pmYear 1 and 2 workshop Come in and take part in an internet safety competition with your child.  These will be displayed around the school.

Look out for Parent Mail which will give more details.

Wednesday 7th 2.15 Reception Internet Safety Workshop – see above
Friday 9th Snow Leopard class assembly

Non Uniform Day – Princess and Heroes £1 donation for Friends

Last day of term

HALF TERM Monday 12th February until Friday 16th February
Monday 19th INSET Day – no children in school
Tuesday 20th Children return to school
Thursday 22nd Sponsored bounce event – more details to follow

Chinese New Year – Menu change – see below

Friday 23rd Birthday assembly, all parents of children with birthdays in February invited 9.05am
Monday 26th Book week starts
Wednesday 24th Children’s reports out to parents
Thursday 1st World Book day – children and staff can dress up as a book character
Friday 2nd Polar Bear class assembly

Non Uniform Day – Gift for Mother’s Day for Friends

Monday 5th Mother’s Day gift sale Year 2 – 1.45pm
Tuesday 6th Mother’s Day gift sale Year 1 – 1.45pm
Wednesday 7th Mother’s Day gift sale Year R – 1.45pm
Friday 9th Starfish class assembly
Friday 16th Turtle class assembly
Friday 23rd Birthday assembly, all parents of children with birthdays in March invited 9.05am
Monday 26th Easter Fun with cake competition
Thursday 29th LAST DAY OF TERM (Easter break)


Old pound coins

As you will be aware from last week’s newsletter we are thinking about ways of increasing our school funds.  One idea put forward is to ask parents/friends/relatives to bring in old pound coins.  These are no longer legal tender in shops but can still be taken in to banks.  If you find any at home and would be willing to donate them to the school we would be very grateful.


Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school

this week

Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year











  Reading award Active award Star of the week Feet on Friday Star table
 Penguin Noah Freya & Arthur Alfie Daniel Poppy
Polar Bear Zoe Eva & Bledion Brooke Angeal Lydia
Snow Leopard Bella Liam & Calesha Gracie-May Charley Calesha
Dolphin Logan Mia & Izzy Manni Kieran Harry
Star Fish Benjamin Harry K & Charlie S Charlie O Sofia S Charlie
Turtle Sophie Ileana & Harry D Oliver P Chanise Ethan
Fox Autumn Lilly & Olivia Edison Wilhelmina Wilhelmina
Squirrel Maddi Jack & Amber Oliver Ashton Tommy
Owl Annie Amaya & Aleksander L.J Lewis Lewis
Bonus Coin of the week winners-   Owls


Class photographs

Stanley Baker Studios will be in school on Thursday 1st Feb to take photographs of the whole school in class groups.  We will send out the proofs once they become available and you can choose whether or not you would like to purchase a class group photo.


School Council

School Council elections were held last week and the following children have been elected by their peers to represent them on the School Council. They have already met as a group and will receive their badges in assembly next week. Mrs Collins would like to say a big thank-you to the outgoing school council members for their efforts.

Class School Council Reps
Owls Annie and  Max
Foxes Charlie-May and Noah
Squirrels Oliver and Primrose
Turtles Oliver P and Bethany
Starfish Jake and Evie E-D
Dolphins Sara and Logan
Polar Bears Alfie and Tegen
Penguins Maryssa and Jacob
Snow Leopards Gracie-May and James T

Handwriting Workshop

Thank you to those who came along to our Handwriting Workshops, we hope you found them useful.  A Parent mail evaluation form has been sent out and we would be grateful for any comments you have.

Chinese Menu – 22nd February – Menu change

To celebrate Chinese New Year we will be having the following lunch on this day

Special Chicken Chow Mein

Sweet & Sour Vegetables with Rice

Steamed Mixed Vegetables

Fruit Jelly With Pineapple

Also Available: Jacket Potato & Filling, Salad Bar, Homemade Bread, Yoghurt & Fresh Fruit


If your child does not normally have a school dinner on a Thursday and would like to take part please let Helen in the office know.



There have been several cases of head lice in school.  It is important that you check your child’s hair regularly to help prevent them spreading to other children.   If you find head lice, your local chemist or family doctor can advise on treatment and which lotion to use.

If your child has head lice you will also need to examine the heads of all other members of the household.  If head lice are found they should also be treated at the same time.


What we’ve been up to………….

In EYFS we have learnt about some more Community Heroes. We have been exploring the role of the Paramedic, Nurses and Doctors who help us when we are poorly or injured. We learnt how to ring 999 / 112 and ask for an ambulance. In Literacy we thought about questions we would ask a Paramedic. We have been really lucky to pass these on to a real Paramedic and can’t wait to find out the answers. In Maths we have been comparing the lengths of bandages that the Paramedics use. We used the language longer and shorter accurately. In PE with have been learning to jump from two feet and land safely.

Don’t forget to have a try at the homework from the homework grid!

Please, please, please have a check to see if your child’s clothes are labelled. We cant return to the correct child or locate lost ones unless they are named!

Year 1 In English we have been planning and writing our own riddles. We have explored different features and what they need to include. Our own riddles are of different animals, thinking about what they look like, what they eat and where they live.

In Religious Education we learnt about the story of the blind man and we were able empathise how this would have felt by using blind folds to navigate the room.

We have been continuing our ICT by searching for images using the internet and copying and pasting these into a document. We always try and remember the rules for staying safe when using the internet.

Thank you again for all the grown-ups who attended our handwriting workshop. We hope you enjoyed it as much as us!


In Year 2 this week we have had another challenge set by the Secret Author Agency. We have written our own versions of the Gingerbread Man choosing our own Gingerbread character. In Maths we have learnt about statistics, showing information on bar charts and pictograms. We answered questions about what the data showed us. In Music we have created our own composition of pitch linked to Jack and the Beanstalk. In Computing we have edited photos of our toys using editing software. In Geography we created a map of the playground, including human and physical features. Thank you to the parents who came to the handwriting workshop, we were happy to show you how we learn to form our letters in school!