28 September 2018

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Harvest festival food  donations welcome all week – please see details below
Monday 1st EYFS Phonics Workshop 2.30pm-parent mail will invite you to book in
Tuesday 2nd EYFS Phonics Workshop 2.30pm- parent mail will invite you to book in
Friday 5th Snow Leopard class assembly 9.05am- parent/carers welcome
Friday 12th Dolphin class assembly 9.05am- parent/carers welcome
Tuesday 16th Parent Consultation meetings 3.20-6pm- letter will be sent out soon
Thursday 18th Parent Consultation meetings  3.20-6.30pm- letter will be sent out soon
Friday 19th ·      Birthday assembly – all parents of children with birthdays in Oct invited 9.05am

·      Last day of term – children return to school on 29th October

HALF TERM Monday 22nd to Friday 26th October
Friday 9th Starfish class assembly 9.05am
Friday 16th Polar Bear class assembly 9.05am

Children in need day – children can dress up for a coin donation (details to follow)

Friday 23rd Birthday assembly – all parents of children with birthdays in Nov invited 9.05am
Friday 30th Penguin class assembly 9.05am
Friday 7th Turtles class assembly 9.05am
Monday 10th 9.15 and 2.15pm Year 2 Christmas productions – parents/carers welcome
Wednesday 12th 9.15 and 2.15pm Reception Christmas productions – parents/carers welcome
Friday 14th 9.15 and 2.15pm Year 1 Christmas productions- parents/carers welcome
Wednesday 19th Staff training day- Children not in school




Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school this week Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year
96.06% 51 Polar Bear



  Reading award Star of the week Active Award Star Table  

Feet on Friday


Penguin Cleo Joshua  

Charlie C & Evie Field

Benjamin S
James M
Polar Bear Morgan Leo  

Amelia & Arthur

Henry H
Snow Leopard Alexia Manni  

Nita & Jack

Logan M  

Daisy H

Dolphin Oliver Primrose  

Lily-Grace &


Mickey W  


Star Fish Lilly Kacey-Marie  

Bertie & John

Frankie P-G  


Turtle Isla Annie  

Arafat & Julia

Beau M
Fox Olivia Harry S  

Harry F & Connie

Chloe O Isabella
Squirrel Jacob Emily M  

Kye & Amelia

Emily M Harvey


Jessica P Olivia Jack W & Poppy Leopold L Kevin


Bonus Coin Winner of the Week – Snow Leopard
Punctuality Pup – Fox

What we have been learning …..


This week in EYFS we have been continuing to create our own imaginative stories both in groups and individually. Please continue to encourage this at home using the writing toolkit introduced during one of the new parent meetings as we are becoming confident in telling stories in this way (characters, setting, problem and resolution). In Maths we have been continuing our concept of number by learning new and singing traditional number rhymes that involve numbers going from 5 to 0. We have also been learning about Vincent Van Gogh and have looked at some of his portraits in preparation for creating our own portraits next week.

A little reminder!     Please don’t forget to put names on your children’s water bottles and in their clothes as we are already ending up with lost property!

Also don’t feel you need to put your child’s homework book in their bag every day just when you have finished all the activities or on the handing in day on 12th October.


Year 1

Year 1 have been learning all about story settings this week in English. We enjoyed looking at Disney’s Finding Nemo and used pictures and clips from the film to help us describe its ‘Under the Sea’ setting. We tried to use as many exciting adjectives as we could to describe the things we included in our setting. In Maths we have been learning one more and one less. We practised showing the answer with cubes as well as on a numberline. P.E this week has been all about balance. We have worked both independently and with a partner to create balances. We tried to hold our balances for about 10 seconds. This did result in quite a lot of wobbling and hopping! We’d like to thank everyone who has come to the phonics workshops this week, we hope it was useful and you picked up some fun ways to help your children at home. Please come and see us if we can help with anymore ideas.

Year 2

In English this week we have discussed the story of Hansel and Gretel. We didn’t like the idea that the wicked witch tried to eat the children so we changed it completely and created a twist! We changed the witch to a different evil character but surprisingly the character wasn’t evil after all and just wanted some friends! Mrs Kent and Mrs Norman came into our lessons and were so impressed with the adjectives we had used to make our writing interesting… words likecolossaland callouswhich children found in thesauruses and dictionaries.  In Maths we have recalled number bonds to 10 and 20 using the part part while model to show our understanding. We also showed our understanding of inverse and wrote addition and subtraction equations. On our let’s explore day we thought about how humans grow into adults and what humans can do at different stages in their lives. Thank you to those of you who attended our phonics lessons, it was great to show you how we learn to read and write!

Harvest Festival

This week we have been learning about Harvest festivals and how lucky we are to have fresh food and water every day.  We have also been thinking about others less fortunate than us and therefore the children have suggested that we could bring in some food for others. Therefore if you would like to make a donation of canned or dried food, please send these in next week.  We will forward these on to Ashford Family Food bank and Vinnie’s diner who provide food for families and homeless people in Ashford.

Oxford Reading Tree Book donations/small figures required

If you have any Oxford Reading Tree books or small figures of any kind which you no longer need we would love them to enhance our collections and put to good use for outdoor play.

The Incredible Arctic Expedition Competition by Lego

Your child will be bringing home a leaflet about a competition being run by Lego with the chance to win some amazing prices. If your child wins, we could have the National Geographic Explorer Paul Rose visit our school!

Collection at end of the day

To ensure that all children can be carefully handed over to their adult at the end of the day, please can we politely remind you that if you need to speak to the class teacher to wait until all children are collected. Thank you

Kind donations

We are aware that we have already had a few events to raise money for different causes and for our school. We would like to stress that these are never compulsory. The charity events are national days so we were unable to change the days and acknowledge that there have been two in two weeks.  Thank you for your kind donations which have gone to worthy causes.  Our main aim this year will be for the Friends (Parent/Teacher Association) to host a number of events to raise vital money for the school to enable us to ensure we are able to those extra special things to make learning extra fun which our budgets do not allow.

Jeans for Genes Day and the MacMillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to everyone who took part in Jeans for Genes Day and the MacMillan Coffee morning today. We raised an incredible £227.09 for Jeans for Genes Day and are looking forward to the cake sale after school today. We will let you know the total raised for Macmillan next week.

Cake and Biscuit Sale

We hope you enjoyed the pizza and biscuits with your children.   We raised £104.09 which is brilliant.  This money will be used for topic related resources in each class to enhance their learning and has already been put to good use for extra art resources and outdoor area equipment.   We will keep you updated with what this money is spent on in each class.

Class Names

Every year we get asked for class lists for birthday parties and Christmas cards. Unfortunately, due to data protection legislation, we are not allowed to do this.  If you would like to send invites/cards to your child’s class and do not know all of the names, please use a general invite, and provide us with 30 and we will put them in the book bags.

Head Lice and Thread Worm

We’ve had a few parents mention to us that their child has head lice or thread worm. Unfortunately these problems are common in young children.  We do remind children to wash their hands before eating and after going to the toilet. Please can you check your child for head lice and keep a look out for signs of thread worm.  You can find more information on the NHS website at these links:

Head Lice – https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/head-lice-and-nits/

Thread Worm – https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/threadworms/

Kent Play Clubs -rated Outstanding by Ofsted

Kent Play Clubs who lead our after school club gained a well-deserved Outstanding by Ofsted in the summer term. They were praised for ‘exceptionally strong relationships between children and staff which helps to support children’s sense of self-esteem, self-confidence and enriched  well-being. Parents are confident their children are happy ,safe and well -cared for’. I’m sure you will join us in saying a huge congratulations to all Kent Play Club staff for their hard work in achieving this amazing outcome. You can read their full report by using the following link:


Position with Caterlink

Caterlink, the company that provides our school dinners have a position available.  It’s for 10 hours a week as a General Kitchen Assistant working from 11.30-1.30 term time only. If you are interested, please contact Caterlink direct on 07392 879510