40th Birthday celebrations at Downs View Infant School

The staff and children at Downs View have been celebrating the school’s 40th Birthday by have been looking back over the past 40 years to when the school first opened.

Mrs Collins, Deputy Headteacher started her teaching career at Downs View 22 years ago and was able to tell the children and staff about many of the changes that have taken place. The school held a range of activities to celebrate the event including a cake competition. Ex-pupils who are now current parents of children at the school were invited in to talk to the children about their time at Downs View.

The celebrations finished with a tea party for all staff, parents and children. Staff who had previously worked at the school and ex-pupils came back to help celebrate including Mrs Caroline Macey, Mr Aaron Ingram and Mrs Osmotherley an ex –teacher. Mrs Kent, Headteacher of the school said how great it was to see children asking questions and how exciting it was to hear about the history of the school. It was good to see how the school had changed since it opened whilst also hearing about some traditions at the school including a large Christmas tree in the hall and Easter bonnet parades !

Below is the winner of the cake competition, Lola Osbourne, with her Mum whose design was made into a cake.