8 December 2017

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Christmas performances – Tickets will not be issued for this event as your names will be ticked off at the door against a register of those who have requested seats. We are now in a position to allocate extra tickets, if you require an extra ticket please contact Helen either by coming to the school office or by telephoning. Please ensure all costumes are in by Monday
Tuesday 12th Year 2 Christmas production, A Midwife Crisis,  9.15am and 2.00pm
Wednesday 13th Year R Christmas production, A Wriggly Nativity 9.15am and 2.15pm
Thursday 14th Year 1 Christmas production, A King is Born 9.15am and 2.00pm
Friday 15th ·       Birthday assembly, all parents of children with birthdays in December invited 9.05am

·      We are not taking part in National Christmas Jumper day as we will be having a dress down day on the 19th when we have Christmas dinner

Tuesday 19th Children’s Christmas Dinner – Children can wear their own clothes or anything Christmassy as it will be a dress-down day

(no donations necessary- just for fun!)

Wednesday 20th Christmas Church Service at St Mary’s parents welcome (see below for timings)
Friday 19th Literacy Workshop for parents 2pm (more details to follow via Parentmail)
Thursday 25th Literacy Workshop for parents 2pm (more details to follow via Parentmail)
Sunday 21st Rapunzel Pantomime – more details were sent via Parentmail
Monday 22nd Downs View’s got Talent auditions (more details to follow)
Friday 26th Birthday assembly, all parents of children with birthdays in January invited 9.05am


  Reading award Active award Star of the week Feet on Friday Star table
 Penguin Jonathan Chethan & Kelly Skye William Selena
Polar Bear Max James & Julia Lilia-Mae Brooke Bledion
Snow Leopard Lexie Dominic & Bella Jack C Alex Rayna
Dolphin Callie Nita & Harrison Kieran Amelia Jadon
Star Fish Harry K Daisy & Harry K Jake James M Benjamin
Turtle Bethany Gabriel & Albie Ella Franky Charley
Fox Frankie P-G Bertie & Frankie Alfie Finlay Finlay
Squirrel Kingsley Zishun & Chelsea Tommy Mickey Mickey
Owl Kyle Tommy & Gethin Stanley Amaya Alfie
Bonus Coin of the week winners-  Starfish


Christmas card competition winners

The winners of our Christmas card competition are Juliet S – Owl class, Shane H & Wilhelmina T – Fox class, Evie E-D – Starfish class, Arthur T – Turtle class and Annabelle S – Penguin. These winning designs will be on our school Christmas cards which we send out.

Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school

this week

Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year










 Christmas Fayre- 3.15pm-5.00pm

Thank you to everyone who supported this event.  We raised £920 which will go towards purchasing more iPads for all the children.

Thank you to the Friends for organising this event and for all parents/ grandparents for their generosity.  Please see the website for photographs of the event.  We were also very proud of the choir who sang for the first time this year and entertained everybody. Thank you to Miss Anderson and Mrs Troman for their hard work in preparing the children so well in such a short time.

 Choir visit the Grange

The choir had a second performance at the residential home ‘The Grange’ this week where they entertained many elderly people with a range of Christmas songs.  They were amazing and sang beautifully and were a real credit to the school. Look on our website soon for some photographs of the event.

Christmas Tree Recycling

If you have a real Christmas tree this year please consider bringing it along to the school after Christmas as we can use and recycle every part in our Forest School area.  We can use the branches for den building.  The children can practise their skills cutting, chopping and sawing up the rest of the tree.  This helps with hand-eye coordination, strength and motor skills.  For more information email Seb on info@outofourtree.org or call 03303 211252.

Christmas service at St Mary’s Church

Parents are welcome to attend their child’s Christmas service in the church on Wednesday 20th December. Drinks will be available for parents/

The timings are:

Year R – 9.15 – 9.40am

Year 1 9.45 – 10.10am

Year 2 10.15 – 10.40am

In EYFS we have begun thinking about Christmas. We have explored artefacts and spoke about Christmas traditions both in England and from the different cultures within our classes. We have independently written our own letters to Father Christmas using the sounds that we could hear for words we needed. In Maths the cheeky elf paid us a visit! He took decorations from our tree and we had to work out through counting how many were left!

Please Please Please remember your Christmas concert clothes as dress rehearsal is on Monday!!!!

Also if you are writing cards this weekend look at the homework sticker which will encourage you to let your child try for themselves. Remember one card to the whole class that will be displayed is enough if your child finds this a challenge!

Year 1 have been exploring our own variations of ‘The dinosaur who popped a planet.’ We’ve added in our own characters and had a go at writing our stories following our story mountains.

In Maths we’ve been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and how we can sort them. We’ve explored different orientations and sizes and the ability to recognise them.

I’m computing we have been typing up our own Christmas messages which we planned, as well as copying and pasting images from google.

If everyone can please remember to bring in a clean glass jar as soon as possible so we can begin our Christmas craft.

We look forward to sharing our Christmas production with you next week! Please ensure all costumes are in by Monday.

Year 2 This week we have been busy perfecting our Christmas performance to show the school and grown-ups next week. We are so excited! We have continued writing based on Polar Express and were very excited to be able to watch the film in school comparing the text to animation. We could discuss parts that didn’t feature in the text. In Maths we have started to learn about multiplication as equal groups. We applied this knowledge to solve multiplication equations for the 2s, 5s and 10s times tables. We loved to see the Christmas tree in the hall with some of our icicle decorations on! We are feeling very festive! We look forward to sharing our Christmas production with you next week! Please ensure all costumes are in by Monday.


As technology is becoming a huge part of every child’s life, it is important that we teach them how to keep safe especially when accessing online material or games. All of our pupils are taught how to stay safe and behave appropriately online in school, but this approach is only successful if we work together and reinforce safe behaviour at home too.

As Christmas draws near, many children may be looking forward to receiving new electronic devices or games, so we feel that this is an appropriate time to highlight some simple online safety tips to help parents/ carers make safer choices and support their children online.

Make informed choices:

In order to protect children online, it is vital that we fully understand the capabilities and make informed decisions about new games, apps and devices, before providing them to children.

 Do your research before purchasing a new device or game for your child; find out what other parents think, search for parental advice online and ask the shop about pre-installed apps or tools.


 Always check the PEGI age rating and descriptors on games before buying them for your child and carefully consider whether the content is appropriate for them.


 Take time to find out whether the device or game has an online component or allows your child to access to the internet, which allows them to connect with others online.


 Familiarise yourself with the privacy, safety and security tools on new devices; ensure you are in a position to teach your child how to make their accounts private and how to block and report other people online.


Use the parent guides and shopper’s checklists from UK Safer Internet Centre to help you ask the right questions and make informed choices when buying new technology this Christmas:




Setting boundaries:

Much like the ‘real world’, parents need to set boundaries for children online; this provides them with a clear understanding of the limits, expectations and consequences of their behaviour.


 Discuss and agree as a family, how the internet and technology will be used in your home; consider nominating ‘tech-free’ areas or times, such as: your child’s bedroom or dinner time.


 Discuss online boundaries too; let children use the lessons they learn in school to tell you what they think is/isn’t acceptable for them to do online and adapt these messages into your own family rules.


Take a look at the conversation starter ideas and family agreement template available from Childnet International: www.childnet.com/parents-and-carers/have-a-conversation


Filters and Parental Controls:


Children can accidently or deliberately be exposed to illegal, unwanted or unpleasant content online, but there are some simple steps you can take at home to help minimise this risk.


 Make sure you install anti-virus software, filters and parental controls on your child’s device before giving it to them.


 Ensure that you are role-modelling good behaviour by using strong passwords yourself; make them difficult to guess and don’t share them with your children.


 Remember that blocks and filters are not 100% effective and you can’t rely on them alone to protect your children, so remind them to tell you if they see something upsetting online.


Take a look at the interactive guide to parental controls available from Internet Matters: www.internetmatters.org/parental-controls/interactive-guide/


Talk to your children:

Take an active interest in your child’s online life and engage in the digital world with them.

 Let your children teach you about their online world and how they use technology; playing new games and exploring websites together can often open opportunities to discuss safe behaviour online.


 Make sure your children know that you are safe and approachable; remind them that they can tell you if something happens online that makes them feel scared, worried or uncomfortable, without being told off or punished.


You can find more advice about talking to you child about online safety from CEOP:


Other useful websites for parents/carers:

 www.net-aware.org.uk- NSPCC guide to the most popular apps and websites available online.

 www.thinkuknow.co.uk- CEOP website for advice and reporting abuse online.

 www.iwf.org.uk- Report illegal content online (including indecent images of children).

 www.parentport.org.uk- Report inappropriate content online.

 www.getsafeonline.org- Free up-to-date security and technical advice.


If you would like further support and advice regarding online safety, please contact one of the Designated Safeguarding Leads in school: Mrs Kent, Mrs Collins or Mrs Somerville.