Chair of Governors Summary November 2017

In October 2017, Jenny White and Tina Ozdemir were elected as governors for a further two years. We received a parent nomination from Denise Moore, and she is due to attend the next meeting as a governor on 30 November 2017.

We noted that KCC awarded a certificate that the school finance following an audit was fully compliant and a certificate had been issued to this effect.

Nic Petri-Jones reported that the SEN review had taken place last week and was attended by the HT and SENCO from East Stour and the Chair and a governor from Kennington. All had been very impressed with the SEN provision at Downs View and took away ideas for their schools.  It was an excellent example of collaborative working across the schools. It had impact as the review included governance and how the governors challenged aspects of SEN provision. The model has been cascaded to schools in the Central Ashford Town Schools (CATS).

School policies – we reviewed the Home School Agreement, Child Protection and Online Safeguarding policies.

We also discussed:

  • School admissions and joint open visits with Kennington Academy.
  • Improving monitoring visits and reports, and working with middle leaders which is being taken forward by Izzy Hammond, our Vice Chair of Governors.
  • Helping Hands Day – the HT reported that attendance at this event was very disappointing with only the SBM, HT and Deputy HT on site.
  • We were updating governor training and the Chair had successfully completed the Kent Education Chairs in depth training.


Felicity Moore

Chair of Governors

6 November 2017