Governor Visit Policy Statement

Kent County Council Children, Families and Education Directorate



Responsible People named in this Policy

Head Teacher: Tracy Kent
Chair of Governors: Felicity Moore

Date: March 2016
To be updated: September2018

Downs View Infant School Governor Visit Policy

While not a statutory requirement, the Department recommend that the Governing body draws up a policy on the management of their visits to their school, as Governors.

It is important that Governors remember:-

• The purpose of Governor Visits is not to assess the quality of teaching provision, or to pursue issues that relate to the day-to-day management of the school, as agreed beforehand with the Headteacher or senior leadership team.
• Governors do not have a statutory right of access to the school.

The Headteacher and staff of Downs View Infant school recognise, and cherish, the excellent partnership it has with its Governing Body. The Governing Body is a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds and talents, who work together offering their time, commitment and expertise to the school as appropriate. Much of the Governing bodies time and commitment is demonstrated through its impressive and proactive approach to school visits.

The Purpose of Governor Visits

Visits should be made as part of a strategic programme by appointment in order to:

  •  improve Governors’ knowledge of the school, its staff, needs, priorities
  •  monitor and assess the priorities as outlined in the development plan.
  •  assist the Governing body in fulfilling its statutory duties.

How often should Governors visit the school?

Governors are expected to visit the school at regular intervals throughout the academic year. The number of visits will depend on individual Governors’ commitments, selecting from the list created each term, in conjunction with areas of Governor’s expertise and that meet the needs of the School plan.

Governor Links

Each Governor is linked to an area. All Governors should expect to receive:-

  •  all ‘Newsletters’ sent out to Parents.
  •  termly list of monitoring visits

Through this class link a Governor will have the opportunity to see, hear and learn about the

development of both the curriculum and delivery of the School Improvement Plan.

What might Governors arrange to see?

Opportunities as outlined in the Monitoring Visits Programme which includes:


Special Events,
Displays and learning environments
Pupil Progress meetings
Finance discussions with Business Manager

What are Governors not able to monitor?

Confidential agency meetings e.g. Social Services data that contains the names of children. Pupil progress meetings about your child’s year group.

Preparations for the Visit

Before visiting the school:- The Governor(s) should:

  •  inform the School Office, Chair of Governorsand Headteacher of their intention to visit, at least one week before the visit takes place.
  •  ensure that they are familiar with health and safety procedures including what to do in the event of a fire.

The Headteacher should;

  •  Ensure that staff are notified of the arranged visit
  •  Ensure that the member of staff is fully prepared for the visit
  • Ensure that correct procedures have been carried out in relation to health and safety requirements.

During the Visit

During the visit Governors should :

  •  observe and inform themselves.
  •  intrude as little as possible on members of staff’s time.
  •  enter areas of the school building including the staffroom when invited to do so.
  •  talk to pupils when it is appropriate to do so.

After the Visit

After visiting the school:-

The Governor(s) should:

  • Complete a Visit Report outlining the findings of their visit and send to the Headteacher.
  • Report and feed back to the Governing body at their next meeting.


The Headteacher should;

  •  Acknowledge receipt of the Governor’s Report.
  •  Answer any queries or concerns.
  •  Headteacher will orward the Report to the Clerk who will upload the report and include as an agenda item for the next FGB.