Governors Allowance Policy



Responsible People named in this Policy

Head Teacher: Tracy Kent

Chair of Governors: Felicity Moore


Date: September 2016

To be updated: September 2017

Governors’ Allowances Policy

This policy statement has been developed in accordance with the School Governance (Roles, Procedures and Allowances) (England) Regulations 2013. These regulations give Governing Bodies the discretion to pay allowances from the school’s annual budget allocation to governors for certain allowances which they incur in carrying out their duties. Downs View Infant School Governing Body believes that paying governors’ allowances, in specific categories as set out below, is important in ensuring equality of opportunity to serve as governors for all members of the community and so is an appropriate use of school funds. The specific items allowable reflect this objective.

All governors of Downs View Infant School will be entitled to claim the actual costs, which they incur as follows:

  1. Governors will be able to claim allowances providing the allowances are incurred in carrying out their duties, as a Governor or representative of Downs View Infant School, and are agreed by the Governing Body that they are justified before any reimbursable costs are incurred.
  1. Governors will be able to claim for the following, on a case-by-case basis and with the prior approval of the Governing Body:
  • Childcare or babysitting allowances (excluding payments to a current/former spouse or partner);
  • Cost of care arrangements for an elderly or dependent relative (excluding payments to a current/former spouse or partner);
  • The extra costs they incur in performing their duties either because they have special needs or because English is not their first language;
  • The cost of travel relating only to travel to meetings/training courses at a rate of 24 pence per mile which does not exceed the specified rates for school personnel;
  • Travel and subsistence costs, payable at the current rates specified by the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions, associated with attending national meetings or training events, unless these costs can be claimed from the LEA or any other source;
  • Telephone charges, photocopying, stationery, postage etc;
  • Any other justifiable allowances.

The Governing Body at Downs View Infant School acknowledges that:

  • Governors may not be paid attendance allowance;
  • Governors may not be reimbursed for loss of earnings.

Governors wishing to make claims under these arrangements, once prior approval has been sought, should complete a claims form (obtainable from the School Office), attaching receipts and evidence where possible with , and return it to the School within two weeks of the date when the allowances were incurred, when they will be submitted for approval by the Chair of Governors or a Finance Governor to be presented to the Governing Body for final approval.

Claims will be subject to independent audit and may be investigated by the Chair of Governors (or Finance Governor in respect of the Chair of Governors).

This policy will be reviewed annually.

Appendix 1

Model Claims Form




Name of School:



Post Code

From                   to    


Claim Period:


I claim the total sum of £………… for governor expenses as detailed below. I have attached relevant receipts to support my claim.




£ p p
Child care/Babysitting expenses
Care arrangements for an elderly or dependent relative
Support for governors with special needs
Support for governors whose first language is not English
Travel to meetings/training courses
Travel/subsistence to national meetings or training events
Telephone Charges
Other (please specify)

This form should be submitted to:

The Administrator, School Office

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