Helping your child at home

At Downs View we value the importance of the parent/carer’s role in supporting their child to learn.

As Education and the curriculum is continuous changing  to keep up with the ever changing society we live in, we feel it is useful to offer a range of ways for parents to support their child at home.

We offer:

An open door policy -where you can speak to your child’s teacher/teaching assistant or Deputy Head/Headteaacher/Family Liaison officer/ Inclusion Leader before or after school

To ensure they are available and you get the quality time you need, you can make an appointment or email/ telephone them via the school office-

Book looks at least once a term- this is a chance to pop in and see your child’s books with them in class after school.  These are on different days of the week and are advertised on the newsletter.

Workshops –  come and see lessons in action and hear and see how your child is taught in school.  You will hear the vocabulary used and strategies which could be used.  We appreciate that working parents may not be able to attend these as these are in the daytime.  Therefore any information will be collated and be available as links to this page below.

Information evenings – key topics and information will be given in relation to the curriculum or when your child moves on to a new year group.  These will be advertised on the weekly newsletter.

Coffee mornings – These will have a range of key speakers around a range of topics in relation to supporting your child at home.