Newsletter 20 October 2016


Karate club money £22 & Multi skills Club money £20 to be paid

Year R children – Welly boots and P.E. Kit in school after half term please

All children should now bring in coats to school every day


Friday 21st Inset Day – no children in school
Week 24th – 28th Half Term
Week beginning 31st October Children return to school

Downs View is 40 years old! –This week will involve many exciting activities. A cake designing competition is being held – see below:

Cake design entries due in to Mrs Kent

31st October 3pm- 3.45pm Biscuit Sale on playground/year 2 area- Mandy the Chair of the Friends with some volunteers will be selling Halloween biscuits for a coin donation.
Friday 4th Nov Turtle assembly

2.15pm – Downs View’s 40th Birthday Assembly – any ex-pupils, staff or parents are warmly invited to join us.

3pm -3.45pm – Tea party in the hall – all parent/ carers/families invited to join us

From 7th Maths workshops – more information will follow
Friday 11th Seahorse assembly
Friday 18th Polar Bear assembly

Children in Need day- details to follow – The School Council are in charge of choosing how we raise money!

3-4pm Year 2 Indian Exhibition in hall

Thursday 24th Book Look – come in after school to see what your child has been learning
Friday 25th Birthday assembly – parent/carers of children with Birthdays in November are invited



  Reading award Active award Sunshine award Feet on Friday Star table
 Penguin Sophia Maisie & Aaron Tia Daisy
 Polar Bear Scarlett Riley &Ede Rebecca Penelope
 Snow Leopard Cerys Mia K & Suphera Tianna/Mischa Oscar Tianna
 Sea Horse Sophie Madison & Angeal Ayirioritse Joshua Maddy
 Star Fish Dominic Tallulah & James W Lily Lily
 Turtle Kelly Felicity & Kayden Chethan Maryssa
 Fox Harry
 Caterpillar Kacie
 Owl Sara
Bonus card winners this week – Fox class



Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year
96.16% 37 Fox 100% 97.70%


Cardigan orders

Our uniform supplier is still having issues with the supplier of cardigans. He has informed me that all parents who are waiting for cardigans have been contacted by email and given some alternative solutions. If you are one of those parents and would like to see a cardigan sample which is being offered as an alternative then please contact the school office.


What we’ve been up to……..

This week in EYFS we have been thinking about The Oxford Reading Tree family. We really enjoyed finding out about the family pet dog Floppy. We even turned ourselves into Floppy by making our own Floppy ears! We have been thinking about shape

in Maths. I wonder what shapes you can see around your house?

Over half term please don’t forget to practise the letter sounds and key words that are in your child’s monkey books and have a go at some of the fine motor control activities that were sent home!

 A little plea…. The children have been doing really well at coming into school independently. After half term please encourage the children to continue doing this. We are going to stop daily stickers and have a tick sheet to mark off when they come in independently. If they manage this 4 out of 5 days they will get their sticker on the Friday!

Thanks for being so supportive and any questions please ask!

In Year One this week the children have been writing poetry. They have been learning about rhyming words and were able to put these words into simple sentences. In Maths the children have continued to learn about subtraction. They have been using the method of counting back on the number line. They were able to solve subtraction equations using picture stories.

Wow what an amazing, fun hardworking first term we have had in Year 2! Everybody has worked really hard and has settled well into the new challenges and learning of Year 2. This week we have been writing up our own Magic Key stories, thinking about using adjectives for description, interesting sentence openers and conjunctions to join sentences together to add more detail and information! In Computing we have finished exploring the Scratch app on the iPads, by programming the characters to move around with the inputted instructions. In Religious Education we have thought about and discussed how we look after each other in school, at home and the wider community. We reflected on why this is important and how it makes us feel. In Maths we have collated our knowledge of solving addition and subtraction calculations by applying this to different word problems and using the methods and strategies we have learnt to help us. We hope you all have a lovely, relaxing half term break and look forward to more fun and exciting learning in Term 2! Well done Year 2.

Just a little reminder….

Once school has finished at 3pm children should not take out play equipment from the outside areas or the school sheds.

If you have noticed any Bonus Cards at home (cards with characters on ) could they please be returned to school.

Downs View’s 40th Birthday Celebrations

Thank you to the children who have drawn a picture for our design a birthday cake competition. The winner will be announced after half term. We have some ex-parents, pupils and staff who have sent in photographs and a couple have volunteered to talk to the children. If you or a family member are an ex-pupil and are free during this week or can come to our special assembly at 2.15pm on Friday 4th November we would love to hear from you. Please call Helen in the office or email on . All parent/carers are invited to join us on Friday after school for a tea party to celebrate! If you would like to make some cakes for this celebration that would be fantastic! Please send this in with your child on Friday morning.


Change for Life Summer challenge 

Can you challenge yourself to be more active over half term? There are some fantastic physical challenges and activties for you and your family to try on the change for life website. There are some amazing healthy recipes as well! If you bring in any photos of how you have been super healthy and physical your name will be put into a termly raffle for an exciting sporty prize! Get inspired together!

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