Newsletter 30 September 2016

The newsletter will no longer be sent out in book bags but will be available on the school website each Friday. Please supply the school office with your email address as an email alert/link will be sent to parents once the newsletter has been uploaded. Paper copies will be available in the leaflet rack in the office foyer.


Parents evening letters to be returned
Harvest week – please send in a donation of non-perishable food which will be displayed in the hall and then donated to the Ashford Family Food bank.
Week 3rd – 7th Phonics workshops in class – you should have received a return slip if you requested a place at one of these sessions
Friday 14th Snow Leopards assembly
Thursday 20th Birthday assembly- parent/carers of children with Birthdays are invited

Parents evening 3.20pm – 8.30pm (letters will be sent out next week)

Flu nasal immunisations – Years 1 & 2

Friday 21st Inset Day – no children in school
Week 24th – 28th Half Term
Week beginning 31st October Downs View is 40 years old!

This week will involve many exciting activities. See below for more details



Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year
98.8% 14.5 Penguins (again) 100% 98.61%



  Reading award Active award Sunshine award Feet on Friday Star table
 Penguin Elicia Numa & Jacob Harry Daisy Chloe
 Polar Bear Ede Oliver & Scarlett Ede Kassidy Katie
 Snow Leopard Samuel Elizabeth & Hari Mischa Carmen Zak
 Sea Horse Madison Alfie & Julia Daniel Oliver
 Star Fish Bella J.J. & Lola Skye Bryson
Turtle Poppy Chethan & Lacey Kye Selena
 Fox Chanise
 Caterpillar Jessica
 Owl Scarlett E


Macmillan Biggest Coffee Morning (and Afternoon)

Thank you everyone who helped make this a big success. Together we raised £190 which will all go to the Macmillan charity.


What we’ve been up to…..

This week in EYFS we have been busy learning about our families. We have learnt that all families are different and special. We even managed to draw a picture of our families to share with our friends. We have really enjoyed exploring our hands this week and were fascinated to look at an X-ray of them and discover how many bones we have in each hand! We have continued to use number rhymes in Maths and have been carefully pointing and counting to help us check how many objects we selected. We would also like to thank you for sending in photos the children really enjoyed sharing them!
Just a little request now too… we have been talking to the children about being brave in the mornings and perhaps coming in through the doors without you! As you have seen the corridors are so busy and this can sometimes be more daunting for your child. If you can please encourage your child to try as this is supporting his/her independence but remember if you do come in please leave any pushchairs outside and encourage your child to hang up their coat and bag. We are so pleased that they do this at the end of the day, so please help us to enable them to do this in the mornings too. Thank you.

Year 1 have been learning about the Little Mermaid in English, they have been looking at the different characters describing their personality and appearance. In art they have been creating 3D under the sea pictures using shaving foam and exciting materials. In Maths we have been finding one more and one less than a given number and are beginning to learn number bonds within 10.

Year 2 What an exciting week it has been! We have designed our own fruit salads in Design and Technology ready to create next week. In English we enjoyed reading about Lola who is a very fussy eater and we created our own revolting recipes, thinking about different combinations of food which she would like.

In P.E we are exploring yoga and thinking about how it helps us to keep fit and healthy whilst exercising. We are continuing to learn about Florence Nightingale in History, by considering what conversations she may have had with her Father.

In Maths we have been consolidating our number bonds to 10 and using this knowledge and understanding to work out calculations up to 100.

Harvest dinner menu

On Thursday 20th October the usual menu choice will be changed to reflect harvest time. The choice will be:

Chicken and Vegetable pie


Roasted Butternut Squash, vegetable and Lentil Hot Pot

served with

seasonal fresh vegetable and creamed potatoes.

followed by

Apple & cinnamon cake with custard

If your child does not normally have a dinner on a Thursday and would like to try the Harvest day, then please let the office know.

Our new- look website

Our website has been transformed and is being regularly updated. All newsletters and other letters sent home will be put on the website as well as evaluations of key events within the school. We hope you enjoy exploring it! 

Changes to the weather

As there has been a dramatic change to our weather this week, please ensure your child has a coat everyday and appropriate footwear. All children should now have a pair of wellington boots which remain in school . This will ensure your child can take full advantage of outdoor learning opportunities.

Happy Birthday Downs View!

Downs View has been open for 40 years so to celebrate this we will be having a week of activities to mark the occasion, including burying a time capsule, going back to the 70’s and inviting in ex-pupils/staff to share their memories. We will have a tea party and exhibition of old photographs and work completed during this week. We have some staff and partners of staff who were the first pupils to attend the school in 1976! If you used to attend the school or know anybody who used to attend/ work here, please ask them if they would be able to come in during this week or send in their memories. Further details will follow soon. If you have any ideas, please let us know!

We welcome your views

We welcome your views, compliments and constructive comments which you can make in person, via email or via telephone. You can also evaluate the school using Parentview by visiting the page: This takes just 10 minutes.


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