Newsletter – 7 October 2016


7th October 2016

Parents evening letters to be returned

Karate club money £22 & Multi skills Club money £20 to be paid

8.30 Club money £10 due for Term 1

Friday 14th Snow Leopards assembly

Open morning for new parents

Kennington Junior Academy 9.30am – 10.30am

Downs View for children starting Reception September 2017 11am &11.30am

Monday 17th International Day Fair 3pm – 4.30pm in hall – all parents/carers welcome
Thursday 20th Birthday assembly- parent/carers of children with Birthdays in October are invited

Parents evening 3.20pm – 8.30pm

Flu nasal immunisations – Years 1 & 2

Harvest dinner menu

Friday 21st Inset Day – no children in school
Week 24th – 28th Half Term
Week beginning 31st October Children return to school

Downs View is 40 years old! –This week will involve many exciting activities.


Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year
98.05% 23.5 Penguins 100% 98.47%


  Reading award Active award Sunshine award Feet on Friday Star table
 Penguin Ella Jessica & Maddie Archie M Raviraj G
 Polar Bear Katy-Mae Blake & Penelope Alfie H Gilead A
Snow Leopard Jacob Ethan & Hannah Jacob D Kai H
Sea Horse Julia Bledion & Sophie Tommy S Oliver F-H
Starfish Tallulah Dominic & Gracie-May Tallulah H Skye P Sienna S
Turtle Felicity Jon & Roxie-Ray Kayden H Skye G
Fox Harry D
 Caterpillar Evie E-D
 Owl Nita B


Empty kitchen rolls

If you have any kitchen roll inners could you please drop them in to the school office as the children will be using them in Fun Club at lunchtime.

Exciting news

Mrs Hodge, Fox class, is expecting a baby and will be going on maternity leave in December. We are all very excited and pleased for her!

Important InformationFlu nasal immunisations – Years 1 & 2

Parents/carers of children in year 1 & 2 will have been sent information direct from Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust Immunisation Team about the Flu immunisation Programme. Please ensure you have completed the online consent form details below by Thursday 13th October 2016. For those unable to access the internet they may contact the immunisation team on 0300 123 5205 and a form will be sent. Consent forms received less than one week before the scheduled date may not be processed in time and children may not be immunised on this day. Just to reassure you this immunisation is administered in the form of a nasal spray, not an injection.

Absence from school – illness or appointments

If your child is off school due to illness or an appointment please contact the school office between 8.30am and 9.30am using the dedicated absence line. If you have not informed us of your child’s whereabouts we have to make contact with you as part of our safeguarding process. If your child is out of school or leaves school early for a dentist, doctor or hospital appointment please bring in your child’s appointment card.

If your child is going to be in late after an appointment we ask that you inform us as to whether your child will need a school dinner as dinner numbers are counted by 9.30am. If you do not want to leave a message on the absence line regarding your child being off school then please telephone the main office or email

Elite Community Football – After School Club

This club has now started again on a Friday afternoon from 3pm – 4.15pm for children in Year 1 & 2. This is a private club which runs from our school. Information leaflets about this club are available from the school office or for more information please contact Elite direct on 07885 982598. Reception children can start this club after the Christmas break.

Mid-day Supervisor vacancy at Downs View

We have vacancy for a Midday Supervisor. If you are interested or know someone who may like to work with us please contact the school office for an application form or speak to Sarah Collins for more information. We require a Midday Supervisor to work Monday to Friday from 11.35am – 1pm. This post is paid on Kent Range 2, starting salary £14,277 pro rata, 38 weeks per year. The closing date for applications will be Friday 14th October in the first instance.

Harvest donations

Thank you so much for the generous donations made of food for our local food bank. We will be handing them to Ashford Food bank early next week. I would like to make a special mention of Sienna in Starfish Class who gave up her pocket money to pay for her donation. This was such a caring thing to do and we are very proud of her.

What we’ve been up to……

This week in EYFS we have been learning about the different types of homes we all live in. We drew a picture of our home and talked about the different features our homes have. We also thought about what we would need to make a home for a very sad lonely bear called Fred! In Maths we have been looking for numbers in the environment and made a tally chart of all the numbers that we could see. We have also had lots of fun learning some letter sounds (phonemes) and really enjoyed sharing our learning with you during the phonics workshops.

We would just like to say how proud we have been of all the children and of course you parents in letting your children try to come into school on their own. Thank you -let’s see if we can keep it up!

Just a little tip too…. I can see all your faces when your child brings home yet another junk modelling creation or a lovely picture and you think great what can I do with that?! Well do not panic take a photo with the date written under it. Leave it on display for a week. Then recycle. At the end of their first year at school get all those photos sent off to be made into a photo book. Much easier to store and great to look back on!

Year 1 we have been learning about the story of Finding Nemo. They have put the story in a story mountain and used time connectives to verbally retell the story. The children have also taken dictation read by their teacher and focussed on writing common exception words correctly.

In Maths the children have been adding 2 numbers together working on counting on from one number to find the total.

Year 2 have enjoyed reading ‘The boy who loved broccoli,’ this week thinking about adjectives to describe the setting of the story. Some of us are now keen to try eating broccoli! In Computing we have been programming Beebots by inputting instructions for them to follow.

In P.E we have explored different ways of travelling thinking about different parts of our feet and how we can use them effectively. Our experiment in PSHE was very interesting as we explored how germs spread on slices of bread when touched with clean and dirty hands!

International Day – Friday 14th October/Exhibition Monday 17th October

You should have received a letter about International Day next Friday. The children will be learning about a range of different countries and cultures and will be ‘wowing’ you with their amazing learning on Monday 17th October in an exhibition in the hall. Miss Cossey who is leading this is still looking for any parents/grandparents who can come into class

Email communications

We will be sending more information and reminders out via email therefore please ensure the office has your up to date email address. Emails will be sent to parents who have priority 1 on their child’s contact details.

Parking/ traffic around the school

You will see some posters around the school and playground made by our School Council, encouraging families to walk on a Friday and also to remind adults about parking safely. The children came up with this idea themselves in an attempt to make mornings easier for everybody. We hope you like them and they encourage adults to think about ways we can improve the parking situation around the school.

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