PE and Sports 2018 – 2019

Sports Day

We had so much fun at sports day taking part in a variety of team races such as space hoppers, javelin, hurdles and the egg and spoon race. We were all great sports cheering on our team.

Well done to this year’s winners who were the red team.

The grown-ups were great sports too racing with a bean bag on their heads.

Cycling Workshops

Reception and some of year 1 have been working with the Cycle Circle team learning to ride a bike. They learnt how to balance and pedal safely avoiding different obstacles on the playground. They all had lots of fun!

Skipping Workshops 

We had so much fun learning how to skip with Skip2bFit. We used special skipping ropes that counted how many skips we did and then had to challenge ourselves to beat our own score. There was a top scorer from each class who were given a special certificate and the best skipper in the school was Scarlett who then had to compete against Miss Brown. Scarlett was the clear winner! At the end of the day we were given our own pot of blueberries to take home and try.  

Year 2 Infant Agility Competition  – February 2019

Some year 2 children attended a sports activity competition at the Towers School. The children were all amazing, trying their best and a real credit to the school. They took part in a variety of activities including standing long jump, speed bounce, foam javelin, jumper, thrower and bowler. Two children were commended for their ability shown within some of the activities. These were Harrison from Snow Leopards who threw the javelin past the distance measurer and Luke from Penguins who managed to hit the cricket stumps with all of his 6 attempts. Thank you to Miss Thorogood and Miss Brown for taking the children and for the parents who were there to support.

Infant Agility – November 2018

This week five year 2 children took part in an Infant Agility competition at The North School. They had to compete in a variety of activities against other Ashford schools. The activities included standing long jump, soft javelin, tennis ball balance, hit the stumps, target throw and football dribble. They all had lots of fun and were great team players, with lots of spirit – cheering each other on. I was exhausted just watching them! Well done to each child- they were amazing.  Thank you to all parents for supporting.

Noah, Evie, Jake, Thomas and Ella