Science Program of Study Across the school 2019-2020

Science Week

Reception- Knowledge and Understanding of the world

Term 1 – Welcome, Welcome!- My family, Using the camera, IWB IPad.

Term 2- Once Upon a Time-Using the camera, IWB, IPad, similarities, differences and change Seasonal walk.

Term 3- Super Me!- What we need to keep healthy.

Term 4- A Bugs Life- Exploring outdoor area and the creatures we can find, sorting and classifying them, using microscopes

Term 5- Hocus Pocus- Exploring how things change i.e. water, plants, food.

Term 6- Taking Flight- Road safety, exploring how vehicles move, what we travel in and why.

Year 1- Science

Term 1- Under the Sea- Learning about Common animals, especially Fish and amphibians. Being able to describe how they are different and specific features they have.

Term 2- When you wish upon a star- Not taught, but ID opportunities provided.

Term 3- Toy Story- Materials- Exploring the properties and different types. Children to carry out investigations to test them.

Term 4- Circle of Life- Naming birds. Researching and learning about different Carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. As well as exploring seasonal changes Autumn/winter.

Term 5- Be Our Guest- Animals/ human body. What each have and understanding purposes and benefits. Extending our ability to learn scientifically and labelling different part of the human body and linking it to the senses.

Term 6- What a Wonderful World- Learning about plants, trees.

Year 2- Science

Term 1- Truly Scrumptious- Humans- being healthy, babies to adults and hygiene

Term 2- Out of This World- Life processes, categorising living and not living. Planting bulbs.

Term 3- On Safari- Habitats and food chains.

Term 4- It’s a Kind of Magic- Animal’s needs, life cycles.

Term 5- Myths and Legends- Plants: planting/ experiment growing.

Term 6- Oh I do Like to be Beside the Seaside- Materials: uses of everyday materials, suitability. Fairy-tale investigations.