Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Downs View are proud of the wide and varied intervention programmes that it provides for all of its’ pupils, not just those with Special Educational Needs and /or Disabilities.

There are many programmes that compliment or follow the class curriculum in smaller, more personal groups either within the class or in an intervention classroom. These include ‘Rocket Writers’, ‘Fantastic Phonics’ (following the school Letters and Sounds programme), ‘Magic Maths’, ‘Spelling and Grammar’, ‘Wow Writers’, ‘Rocket Readers’, ‘Early Literacy Strategy’ and ‘Press Gang’.

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We also provide additional support for pupils that may need more specific interventions relating to their social and emotional, physical, speech, language and communication or cognitive development. These areas can all hinder the academic progress of children and create a ‘barrier to learning’. Therefore, we feel it is vital to support our children overcome these difficulties.

Social and Emotional Development


Art therapy

Drawing and Talking sessions. This is a gentle, non-intrusive method of working with children who need a little help to support their emotional and learning needs. The sessions are weekly and run for 12 weeks.



Lego intervention.

This programme encourages children to work together in small groups of three to create different Lego models. It promotes skills of listening and concentration, co-operation, social interaction and negotiation.



Cog’s Gang is a self-esteem programme created by the Happy Secrets Company. It aims to develop children’s self-esteem through a series of sessions called ’Happy to be me.’

Children chosen for this programme may be experiencing low self-esteem, lack of confidence or may be feeling insecure.

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Speech and Language


Some children come to school already supported by the Ashford Speech and Language Team at the Rainbow Centre. These children have personalised targets from this team which we follow within school. However, other children maybe further identified with speech and/or language difficulties using the Speech / Language Link Assessment tools.

They may be given support for speech articulation as well as activities to develop language skills such as prepositions, pronouns, verb tenses, negatives (have not, do not) , following instructions and questioning.

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Physical Development

sd3Children develop fine and gross motor skills using the Jump Ahead programme and Write Dance.

Fine motor skills aid with strengthening and supporting the dexterity of muscles in the fingers. This will support the skill of holding a pencil to enable writing and drawing, using scissors, dressing/undressing, using cutlery for example.



Gross motor skills aid with balance, control and coordination of the large muscles of the body. They complement physical activities and actions carried out in PE and sports lessons.




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Cognition and Learning


Memory Minds is a programme of activities that supports a range of identified cognitive weaknesses that may be related to specific learning difficulties. It develops:
visual / auditory sequential memory,
auditory / verbal memory,
visual/ verbal associative learning
auditory discrimination.

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