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Responsible People named in this Policy

PSHE LeaderPhoebe Doyle
Head TeacherTracy Kent
Date: February 2015Signed ………………………………… Chair of Governors

Review date February 2017

Downs View Infant School Sex Education Policy


We are an Infant School and would not expect to teach children up to the age of seven any specific aspect of sex education.

As an Infant School our aims are to:

  • ?  Develop confidence in talking, listening and thinking about feelings and relationships, and respect the differences between people:
  • ?  For pupils to be able to name parts of the body and describe how their bodies work: arm, leg not specifically sexual.
  • ?  For children to know how they can protect themselves and where to ask for help and support:
  • ?  Respect their own bodies.
  • ?  To promote the importance and diversity of family life.

The school will work towards these aims in partnership with parents.

Delivering Sex and Relationships Education

SRE is taught through a developmental scheme of work to all children across the EYFS and Key Stage 1 and links to other aspects of PSHE. PSHE is taught through topics according to the National Curriculum objectives. We also teach some SRE through other subjects (e.g. Science and PE) where we feel that they contribute significantly to a pupil’s knowledge and understanding of the body and how it is changing and developing. The teaching of SRE will be delivered by the class teacher and class teaching assistant.

Cross Curricular Links

We have a cross curricular approach to teaching all subjects. All curriculum areas make a contribution to SRE. Some subjects make a clear contribution, such as Science and PSHE, while other subjects make a less obvious, but important contribution, such as:

 English – discussion of relationships and moral dilemmas.

? R.E. – discussion of family and marriage in different cultures, religion and contexts.

 History and Geography – discussion of wider social, cultural and family issues in the past, present and in different parts of the world.

?  Art and Music – discussion of feelings and emotions.

Parents and Sex & Relationships Education

Termly curriculum information sheets are given to parents. These cover all areas of learning. Parents are welcome to come in and ask questions about any aspect of the curriculum and will be given access to more detailed plans and schemes of work on request. There is a copy of teachers planning where SRE coverage is highlighted in this policy. We believe that for the children to achieve the desired objectives a positive and united relationship must continue to exist between home and school and we should encourage discussion about this area of the curriculum as we would any at home.


  •  Inform parents/carers about the school’s SRE policy and practice when necessary or being taught
  •  Answer any questions that parents/ carers may have about SRE in relation to their child.
  • Take seriously any issues that parents/carers raise with teachers or governors about this policy or the arrangements for SRE in the school:
  • Encourage parents/carers to be involved in reviewing the school policy through parent voice forums.

Parent/carers have the right to withdraw their children from any part of the SRE programme. Parents/carers who wish to withdraw their children from any part of SRE should discuss this with the Headteacher.

Differentiation and Additional Education Needs

We recognise that all children will have varied life experiences and a range of feelings and attitudes. Lessons will allow all perceptions to be articulated, and all contributions to be valued and respected.

Teachers may need to use different resources, activities or provide specific support depending on the needs of the pupils. Teaching points need to be conveyed using language that is accessible to the pupils.

Equal Opportunities

Downs View is committed to working towards equal opportunities in all areas of school life. We aim to avoid stereotyping and believe that pupil’s and parents religious beliefs and cultural differences should also be respected. This policy has been written in conjunction with the Single Equality Scheme Policy, Staff Code of Conduct and the Teaching and Learning Policy.


Should issues of disclosure regarding inappropriate sexual behaviour/activity arise, then the teacher will take the matter seriously and deal with it as a matter of child protection. In such cases, procedures as laid down in the appropriate school policy will be followed.

Monitoring and Review

The Governing body monitors the SRE policy every two years. This will review the policy in relation to current practice and any changes or alterations which may have occurred. 

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