Sports Premium Plan 2016/17


Academic Year:
Total fund allocated:
PE and Sport Premium Key Outcome IndicatorSchool Focus/ planned Impact on pupilsActions to AchievePlanned FundingActual FundingEvidenceActual Impact (following Review) on pupils


Next Steps

1. The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity- kick starting healthy active lifestyles.Improve amount of regular activity children take part in.Subscribe to ‘5-a-day’ dance website£203£203All teachers are confidently using this subscriptionChildren are able to be more active on a regular basis. Enjoyment of the dancesContinue next year
All year 2 children to have attended a physical club by the end of the year.Provide and subsidise the cost of a multiskills for year 1 and 2 and karate club for year 2.£2000£178099% of Year 2 children have taken part in physical club (only EHC child has not.)Children are able to take part in regular physical exercise, including a variety of activitiesOrganise a variety of regular physical activity next year
Regular opportunities for extra-curricular activities.Provide a Tai-Chi club for Year 1 and 2 to promote being active, wellbeing and focus£1500£910Tai Chi club happened each term
Enhance physical activity during play and lunch times.School subscription to music provider£100£100Children using the music every lunch time.Children are able to be active during different periods of the dayContinue subscription next year.
2. The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement.Sustained resources to develop the delivery of PE lessons further for the future.Audit and purchase enhanced PE equipment to be used in PE lessons and during playtimes to improve PE across the board.£800£265Resources ordered where necessaryQuality and amount of resources used enables children to progress further in PE lessons and at play times.Monitor and audit resources. Continue to find ways of developing PE
Provide opportunities to enhance physical development for Gifted and Talented children.Plan and deliver a G&T day with other schools to raise the profile of PE.£50£10G&T day took place with other schoolsChildren enhanced skills further, working with children from other schools.Organise G&T days next year
Enhance the teaching and learning within PE and extra-curricular opportunities.4 days release time for PE leader to plan and assess points on the PE action plan for the year.£400£400

Time used to enhance PE across the school

Learning walks

Data monitoring

PE leader has been able to raise the profile of PE within the school through regular monitoringContinue to find ways to improve PE and organise extra curricular opportunities
3. Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sportReceive support from Ashford schools to enhance delivery of PE lessons.School subscription to the Enhanced School Games package within Ashford schools.£550£550Support received from Ashford schools.Knowledge of PE leader has increased and has been passed on to other staff members.To continue next year.
Enhance knowledge of PE curriculum and sports premium funding for PE leader and coach.PE leader and coach to attend PE conference.£100£100PE leader and coach have attended the PE conference.Ideas have been brought back and passed on to other staff members. New ideas for equipment for PPA and new clubs and workshopsPE leader and coach will attend PE conference next year.
4. Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils.Children are given the opportunity to learn and enhance their skipping skills.Skipping workshop.£275£275Skipping workshop taken placeChildren enjoyed taking part, children were more confident with their skills. Developed their skills further at play times.Will book workshop next year for SK1.
Children to experience a range of activities.Enhance PPA sports with archery equipment.£1000£1000Archery has taken place for a termChildren really enjoyed taking part and developed their control and physical skillsContinue to use equipment, discuss with teachers the use within discrete PE lessons.
Opportunity for outdoor active learning to promote team building, resilience and determination.Provide an active outdoor learning morning for every year group. Including orienteering, archery or athletics and team building.£600£270EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 took part in outdoor learning morningChildren were excited and enjoyed developing their skills in a variety of ways.To consider organising again next year and developing further.
Introduce Balance Ability to the children to improve the number of Year 1 children that can ride a bike.Cycle circle Initial Workshop for Year 1 pupils£300£300Each class has received an hours initial workshop.Children enjoyed taking part in a different sport. Children assessed on their confidence and ability.Will consider for next year.
Targeted children to be able to ride a bike by the end of year 1.Cycle circle follow up workshop for targeted Year 1 pupils£600£300Follow up workshop has taken place.Children enjoyed taking part, children were more confident with their skills.Will book workshop next year for KS1.
5. Increased participation in competitive sport.Enhance the opportunities for inter/intra competitions/Tournaments.School subscription to the Enhanced School Games package within Ashford schools.See above Children have been chosen to take part in tournaments termly.Children enjoy participating in competitive sports.Will continue to take part in inter/intra competitions next year.
Increase motivation to compete against their own targets and against others. Praised for sporting qualities.Trophies, medals and rewards£150£54Children awarded for showing sports qualities in assembly.Children are motivated to continue and praised for their effort.To continue next year.


Completed by: Robyn Marsh

Date: September 2016

Review Date: 01/07/2017