Staff for 2017-18

Headteacher : Tracy Kent

Deputy Headteacher : Sarah Collins


Pupil Premium, Assessment and Data ITT/Coaching/Mentoring/SLE/: Sarah Collins

SMSC/PSHE Leader/School Council/RE: Sarah Collins

Inclusion Leader/SEN Co:  Lisa Somerville

Leader of teaching and learning in EYFS/Outdoor learning/ SLE /Leader of Music/PSHE EYFS: Claire Smith

Mastery of Mathematics Leader: Jason Horne

Literacy Leader:  Katie Norman

Year 2 Leader/Transition teacher /ICT Leader: Robyn Marsh

Science/Outdoor learning : Robyn Cossey

G&T Leader– Jo Hunt

PE Leader: Anna Thorogood

Art Leader: Jo Hunt  

Well- being and involvement Leader: Karen Kennedy

Office Staff:  Business Manager: Nicola Drage   School Administrator: Helen Rowson (for General Enquiries)

Family Liaison Officer: Sam Ansell

Site Manager :  Paul Beaney


Owl Class- Claire Smith, Caron Roberts and Richenda Popham (LSA)

Fox class- Amelia Ball and Alison Andrews

Squirrel  class – Robyn Cossey and Sue Lett

Year 1

Starfish Class- Jo Hunt/Katie Norman (job share), Sharon Hubbard and Jemma Simmonds (LSA)

Turtle Class- Jason Horne and Rachel Brown

Dolphin Class- Terri-Louise Allen,  Anita Bridges/Kay Hunt (job share)

Year 2 

Year group leader:  Robyn Marsh

Snow Leopard Class- Zoe Little and Terri Newson

Polar Bear Class-Anna Thorogood, Rae Anderson and Lorna Smith (LSA)

Penguin Class- Robyn Marsh, Michelle Wright and Sue Scott (LSA)

(Vicky King – TA for Wednesday pm to cover Michelle – Forest School)


Intervention Teacher : Lisa Somerville

Intervention TA for EYFS/Year 1/2 – Anne Troman, (Weds/Thurs)                                                                                                           

Intervention TA for Language/Speech/Social and Emotional/Art therapy- Luisa Bennett

Play Therapist: Sarah Kenny

Release Teacher : Karen Kennedy

Subject leader/NQT release every Friday

Play leaders :

 Amber Carter, Karina Green and Elida Sulovari

Breakfast Club Leaders

Terri  Newson, Sharon Hubbard, Anita Bridges and Rae Anderson

8.20 Club Leaders

Richenda Popham and Jemma Simmonds

Parent and Toddler Leader:    Sam Ansell

EYFS Outdoor Enhancer: Amber Carter

I.T Support: BCTec team


Susan Hall , Lynn Fletcher and Maureen Alldis

Midday Supervisors:  Karina Green, Kate Chaytor, Vicky King, Andrea Tutt, Ginny Davies , Carolyn Palmer, Natalie Rubbo, Elida Sulovari, Suree Thapnoi, Laura Ford, Nicola Friend, Rebecca Caro, Maxine Andrews

Senior Midday Supervisor: Amber Carter