Staff for 2019-20

Headteacher : Tracy Kent

Deputy Headteacher : Sarah Collins

DSL: Tracy Kent, Deputies : Sarah Collins, Lisa Somerville and Claire Smith


Pupil Premium, Assessment and Data/ ITT/Coaching/Mentoring/SLE/: Sarah Collins

RE: Sarah Collins

Inclusion Leader/ SEN Co /Well-being and involvement: Lisa Somerville

Leader of teaching and learning in EYFS/ SLE /Leader of Music/PSHE: Claire Smith

Mastery of Mathematics Leader: Jason Horne

Literacy Leader/ Reading Champion: Emma Stanley and Katie Norman (from Nov 19)

Year 2 Leader/Transition teacher /Geography and History Leader: Robyn Marsh

Science/Outdoor learning/Eco Leader: Robyn Cossey

Year 1 Leaders:  Jo Hunt/Katie Norman

SMSC Leader: Jo Hunt

PE Leader: Anna Thorogood

Computing Leader: Amelia Ball

Art/DT Leader: Zoe Little  

Office Staff:

Business Manager: Emma Letchford

School Administrator: Louise Spendlove

School Admin Assistant: Debbie East

Family Liaison Officer: Sam Ansell

Site Manager: Paul Beaney


EYFS Leader: Claire Smith

Owl Class: Claire Smith and Sue Lett

Fox class: Amelia Ball, Caron Roberts and Marina Stephens (Key worker)

Squirrel class: Robyn Cossey, and Elida Sulovari

Year 1

Year group leader: Jo Hunt

Starfish Class: Jo Hunt (MTW) /Rae Anderson (Th Fr) (job share), (Katie Norman from Nov 19)

Rachel Brown, Richenda Popham (Key worker MTW) Andrea Tutt (Th Fr)

Turtle Class: Jason Horne, Amber Carter, Luisa Bennett (key worker M-Th) Carolyn Palmer (Fr)

Dolphin Class: Anna Thorogood, Sharon Hubbard and Vicky King (Key worker)

Year 2 

Year group leader: Robyn Marsh

Snow Leopard Class: Zoe Little, Terri Newson and Lorna Smith (MTWTh) Rebecca Caro (Fr) (Key workers)

Polar Bear Class: Emma Stanley (MTW) Sarah Collins (Th Fr) Michelle Wright and Sue Scott (LSA)

Penguin Class: Robyn Marsh, Emma Stroud (MT) Kay Hunt (W Th Fr) and Carolyn Palmer (Key worker – M)

Anita Bridges (Key worker T-Fr)


Intervention /Nurture Teacher: Lisa Somerville

Intervention TA for Language/Speech/Social and Emotional/Talk and Draw therapist: Luisa Bennett

Play Therapist: Sarah Kenny

Talk and draw therapist/ Family therapist: Sam Ansell

Play leaders :

Carolyn Palmer and Rebecca Caro

Breakfast Club Leaders

Terri Newson, Sharon Hubbard, Anita Bridges and Rae Anderson

8.20 Club Leaders

Richenda Popham and Marina Stephens

Parent and Toddler Leader: Rebecca Caro


Susan Hall , Lynn Fletcher and  Maureen Alldis,  (Relief Cleaner: Ginny Davis)

Midday Supervisors:  Lorraine Button, Krisztina Csete, Laura Ford, Kerry Lewis, Olga Mendez, Carolyn Palmer, Ella Payne, Emma Stroud, Andrea Tutt,(Relief: Ginny Davis, Elaine Meehan and Rachel Newton)



Senior Midday Supervisor: Rebecca Caro    Deputy Midday Supervisor: Nicola Friend