The Dolphin Pod

The Dolphin Pod is a new environment containing two separate rooms and was officially opened in February 2017.  One room is set up and used as a place for play therapy for 2 days per week run by Mrs.Kenny. On the other days teachers are free to use it for small groups of children.

‘It’s a wonderful place to work because it’s always so quiet and calming. It’s perfect for play therapy.’

(Mrs.Kenny – Play Therapist)

The other room has been developed into a sensory calming space for children with complex needs and sensory processing difficulties. It contains all-round lightening on the walls and ceiling, a blackout tent, calm music and other tactile sensory resources.







Many thanks to Mr.Beany for all of the hard work and commitment he has put into this project over the past year. Without  his dedication and skill we would not have this unique space for the children.