The Governing Board – Vision and Priorities

The Governing Body has a good working relationship with the head teacher which facilitates effective leadership and management in the school. We monitor and evaluate and promote improvement strategies as agreed in the Downs View School Plan. The Governing Body recruits and appoints the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. It assists with the recruitment of senior staff. The Governing Body constitution from 1st September 2015 is:

  • 2 parent governors (elected by parent nomination process and appointed by the governing body)

  • 1 Head Teacher (appointed by the governing body)

  • 1 staff representative

  • 1 local authority governor (appointed by the governing body and elected by the local authority)

  • 6 co-opted governors (appointed by the governing body as members with skills useful to the governing body)

  • 2 associate governors (Deputy HT and community representative)

Vision for the Governing Body

The vision for the Downs View Governing Body is based around the principles of PRIDE in what we do.


To ensure that the school is well managed and the best outcomes for the children at the school are achieved.

R=Rigor and Responsiveness

Creating an environment in which each child is expected to learn at high levels.  Having high expectations starting with the decision that every child has the potential to be the best.  The Governing Board reviews effectiveness regularly.


The Governing Board ensures that policies have a positive impact on the school and asks individual Governors to review a specific policy ahead of each Governing Board meeting.  Setting objectives and targets for the Head Teacher and involving monitoring visits with Middle Leaders which shows Governors are making a difference.


Keep Governors up to date with new monitoring visits when they become available.  Governing Boards should be no bigger than necessary to secure the range of skills required.


The school achieved Governor Mark during the Spring of 2016 which was an indication that Governors had improved and was a value to the school.

Governing Body Meetings

We meet at least 10 times during the academic year. Decisions are made on the basis of sound financial analysis so that spending decisions are made on measuring the outcomes in terms of value for money and performance management.

The Headteacher provides the governors with an update report at each governing body meeting and highlights progress and any issues that require decisions. We also have at each meeting, a staff presentation on an aspect of the curriculum, Pupil Premium, Data analysis, or future plans.

We review school policies over the year and instigate new ones if needed. Minutes of the meetings are circulated by the Clerk to the governors ahead of each meeting to enable governors to agree that they are a true record. Papers for meetings are also circulated to allow governors to scrutinise and raise any questions.

Monitoring visits

Governors are clearly visible at school events such as assemblies, whole school celebrations such as International Day, and parent evenings. Governors visit the school regularly and to report their findings to the governing body.

We re-constituted in 2014 so that Governor visits focus on:-

  • Leadership & Management
  • Behaviour & safety
  • Teaching and learning
  • Achievement
  • Budget & monitoring
  • Skills and Training

We conducted a skills audit so that we know the skills that we have and what skills we need when recruiting new governors. The skills audit shows where training would improve our knowledge and benefit the school.

All governors have attended induction training and most of us take advantage of training offered by the school and Kelsi.

Ofsted Report 2011

Downs View was rated as ‘Outstanding’ in 2011 when we had our last Ofsted Report. This confirmed that the school offers:- ‘Good provision for the very youngest children which means that they have a happy start to school life.’ Please click here to see our Instrument of Government agreed in January 2015.