Wellbeing and Involvement at Downs View Infant School

At Downs View the wellbeing of children is paramount. Children need to have good levels wellbeing and involvement so that they are able to engage fully in the curriculum and feel happy in school.


The level of well-being in children indicates how they are developing emotionally.

The extent to which children are (or are not) involved in the learning environment, their degree of involvement reflects their educational progress.

When children have good levels of wellbeing they

  • feel at ease
  • act spontaneously
  • are open to the world and accessible
  • express inner rest and relaxation
  • show vitality and self-confidence
  • are in touch with their feelings and emotions
  • enjoy life

When children have good levels of involvement they

  • concentrated and focussed
  • interested, motivated, fascinated
  • mentally active
  • fully experiencing sensations and meanings
  • enjoying the satisfaction of the exploratory drive
  • operating at the very limits of their capabilities

How we monitor wellbeing and involvement and Downs View

Every term the class teachers assess the children’s levels of well-being and involvement using the Leuven’s Wellbeing and Involvement Scale. These assessments are reviewed at termly Pupil Progress meetings and intervention and personalised support programmes are put in place for those children who need it. These programmes are regularly monitored for their impact. At the beginning of the last academic year (2014/15) 34 children had low levels of wellbeing and involvement and the end of the academic year only 2 children did. Demonstrating how effective our interventions are.

Examples of wellbeing support programmes

  • Participation in Forest School
  • Lego Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Nurture groups
  • Playground support
  • Social and emotional groups

Parents are kept informed about the progress their children are making when receiving intervention.

Please see our Inspired Ways to Rio project page to find out how wellbeing is being promoted throughout the school through involvement in this project.